Is-Terry-Fator-Married? Who Is Terry Fator Wife?

Is-Terry-Fator-Married? Who Is Terry Fator Wife?

Terry Wayne Fator is an American ventriloquist, impressionist, stand-up comedian, and singer.

His name is pronounced. He was born in Dallas, Texas, and from a young age he was interested in and good at both singing and ventriloquism.

Name Terry Fator
Profession American ventriloquist
Date of Birth June 10, 1965
Age 57 years old
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Wife Name Angie Fiore
Net Worth $160 Million

After doing shows with two bands at first, Fator eventually did shows by himself, mixing ventriloquism, singing, and comedy. When he won the second season of America’s Got Talent, he became known all over the country for his talent. This helped his career.

The Wife of Terry Fator

Many people are fans of famous people in a variety of industries, including the film business, sports, modeling, etc. Fans of Terry Fator are currently looking for Terry Fator’s wife. Therefore, searches for Terry Fator’s wife and Terry Fator’s wife’s name were possible. Fans who are interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details can read this page.

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For his career accomplishments, Terry Fator is highly known. To find out who Terry Fator’s wife is or whether he is dating anyone, his admirers are highly interested. According to latestinbollywood, Angie Fiore is Terry Fator’s wife. In order to learn more about Terry Fator’s wife For more information about Terry Fator’s girlfriend, see this page.

Terry Fator’s Relationship

These days, people are quite curious to learn the relationship status of their favorite celebrities. Terry Fator’s Wife is one of the searches on the list, indicating that his followers were curious about his romantic or cohabitating relationships.

Is-Terry-Fator-Married? Who Is Terry Fator Wife?

Terry Fator’s wife, Angie Fiore, is noted above. This article would have provided a wealth of information about Terry Fator’s wife and other details for individuals looking for Terry Fator’s wife’s name.

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Age and Height of Terry Fator

The Terry Fator biography shows that he is a tall man. Where one wishes to pursue aspirations, age is the primary consideration. You might also be curious about Terry Fator’s age.


It’s true that everyone claims that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to start over. On June 10, 1965, Terry Fator was born.

He is 57 years old right now.

Terry Fator Net Worth

Since Terry Fator has grown in fame, as was previously noted, his approximate net worth is given here. His net worth is pegged at 0 million by wealthygorilla.

Angie Fiore and Terry Fator are happily married and cohabiting.

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FAQ Questions

1.Who is Terry Fator Wife? 

Angie Fiore is Terry Fator’s wife.

2.Who is Terry Fator, exactly?

American ventriloquist Terry Fator.

3. On what day was Terry Fator born?

On June 10, 1965, Terry Fator was born.

4. What is Terry Fator’s age?

57-year-old man, he.