What Happened To Brit Prawat After Sudden Brain Bleed on Crime Junkie Podcast?


Ashley Flowers and Britt Prawat’s podcast, Crime Junkie, provides true crime fans with all the gory details they could want, and it’s available on the audio chunk, a podcast network aimed at women. Since 2017, the two have hosted a criminal podcast together to which millions of listeners regularly tune in.

Two lifelong pals from Indiana release a new podcast episode every week for fans of true crime. In 2022, viewers of Crime Junkie are curious as to Britt Prawat’s well-being, so let’s investigate. Over four thousand people commented on the page, almost all of them expressing support for Brit’s disclosure and recovery.

Many people sent their encouragement for her and their own experiences with recovery and sobriety. Brit may count on a lot of encouragement from the sober and true crime communities during her rehabilitation. We anticipate her return to the show with great anticipation and hope that it is swift and fruitful.

Who is Brit Prawat?

Brit Prawat is a regular co-host of the podcast Crime Junkie. The Crime Junkie website states that she is the mother of two young people and the owner of two dogs named Niles and Roz.

According to Brit’s background on Crime Junkie, she once worked for a private investigator and was responsible for introducing Ashley Flowers to the world of podcasts. According to her bio, Brit spent a lot of time as a kid watching forensics shows like Forensic Files and America’s Most Wanted.

Brit’s Instagram account, @britprawat, has over 215 thousand followers. Her bio states that she is an adoptee and an adopter and that she married her high school sweetheart, Justin Daniel.

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What Happened to Brit on Crime Junkie?

Ashley Flowers broke the news about what had been going on with Brit on the friends podcast in May of 2022. Indianapolis native Ashley Flowers and her longtime best friend and co-host of the podcast Crime Junkie, Brit Prawat.

What Happened To Brit on Crime Junkie

In December 2017, after partnering with her local Crime Stoppers organization, Flowers, who calls herself a “crime junkie,” launched the podcast. Flowers said to Deadline that prior to launching the podcast, she hosted a crime show on a local radio station.

Crime Junkie is currently the most listened-to series on iTunes’ podcast listings, and it has swiftly become one of the genre’s most popular podcasts overall. The show has received over one hundred thousand positive reviews on iTunes and has a rating of five stars.

Flowers and Prawat have been quick to cash in on their success, touring the United States this summer and fall to play and sell merchandise. Here you can find out what happened to Brit on Crime Junkie.

The Story of Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is a true-crime podcast hosted by Indianapolis locals Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. If you’re a fan of real crime and need a fix, then tune in to Crime Junkie, a podcast that releases a new episode every week.

What Happened To Brit on Crime Junkie

For the purpose of making you feel like you’re sitting around with your best friends discussing crime, Ashley Flowers will tell you about the crime she’s been obsessed over for the previous week every Monday. Since the narrative is direct and devoid of digressions, the instances continue to be interesting and simple to follow.

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Brit Prawat Family

The marriage between Brit and Justin Daniel is thriving. They’ve been friends since they were in high school. In that Justin, like Brit, produces podcasts, the two are very similar. Given how close they are, Justin must have felt terrible seeing his wife in pain.

Both a boy and a girl were born into a happy couple. In addition to her experience in the military, Brit has worked as a private investigator, which allows her to offer a more nuanced perspective on the topic at hand.

Crime Junkie has been widely discussed in the media. Crime Junkie has been called the “favorite” by many, including Rolling Stone’s Laura Barcella. Brit is resting and will hopefully return with the same fervor and enthusiasm as before.

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