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What Happened to Piper Rockelle? Did Piper Rockelle Channel Undergo Demonetization?

What Happened to Piper Rockelle? Did Piper Rockelle Channel Undergo Demonetization?

The Piper Rockelle Channel: What Happened?

YouTube demonetized Piper Rockelle’s channel indefinitely after Insider approached the company with several complaints regarding Piper Rockelle’s mother, Tiffany Smith. On Thursday, it ended its participation in the Partner Program.

11 former Piper Squad members from Rockelle’s YouTube collective of other young filmmakers filed a lawsuit against Smith and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill, alleging exploitation and abuse in Los Angeles County in January.

The lawsuit claims that Smith repeatedly stroked a young girl’s “exposed thighs and moved her hand toward her vagina,” “attempted to pinch” her breasts, and made comments about their size.

According to a YouTube spokesperson who spoke to Insider, Piper Rockelle’s channel has had its monetization suspended indefinitely and been kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program for violating the company’s policy on creator responsibility by engaging in conduct that is detrimental to the YouTube community.

Tiffany Smith, Piper’s mother, is charged with numerous charges of child abuse and exploitation in this case. Tiffany Smith oversees the channel’s revenue.

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Did Piper Rockelle Get Demonetized?

After being demonetized, a creative can no longer run ads or make money from their films. Since late 2016, Piper’s YouTube channel has had more than 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views. The 14-year-old is known for his vlogs and prank videos, which often feature other Piper Squad members.

Piper has been the focus of YouTube investigators for years. They say that she needs to be saved from the adults in her life, citing the mature content of some of her videos as proof that she is only being used for views.

Piper Rockelle’s Squad is currently made up of Lev Cameron, Jentzen Ramirez, Elliana Walmsley, Emily Dobson, and Jenna Davis.

Piper and her ex-friend Sophie Fergi started the squad, which showed that their friendship had ended and that things were happening behind the scenes. Sophie Fergi finally told the internet and social media about what happened on her YouTube channel.

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Demonetized: What Does It Mean?

The term of the day, year, and future among the YouTube community is “demonetization.” If producers are unable to make money off of their work, it becomes more and more challenging to support a full-time career in filmmaking.

The first serious evidence that YouTube’s “ad-friendly” policies might harm producers was provided by critic Philip DeFranco in August 2016. But we need to fast-forward time by around six months to adequately understand the problems with demonetization.

What Happened to Piper Rockelle Channel – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to Piper Rockelle’s channel?

Insider found out Thursday that YouTube had stopped making money off of Piper Rockelle’s channel.

2. What does Piper’s last name mean?

Piper is also popular on YouTube, where she has more than 9.11 million subscribers. On her YouTube channel, she mostly posts funny and interesting videos. Piper Rockelle Smith is her full name.

3. In 2021, how old is Piper Rockelle?

In 2022, she will be 14 years old.

4. Who are Piper Rockelle’s brothers and sisters?

Hunter Hill and Tyler Ray Hill are her brothers.

5. How long has the Piper squad existed?

Lev Cameron Khmelev, Jenna Davis, and Jentzen Ramirez are 15, 16, and 17 years old, respectively.

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