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Buddy Daddies Anime Going To Be Release in January 2023!

Buddy Daddies Anime Release Date

Fans may look forward to something fresh in the winter of 2023 with the release of Buddy Daddies, an Anime Original. The second promotional video for the Buddy Daddies anime has been published, and with it, the show’s two original theme music. Two closest friends and roommates are thrust into the role of caring for a young girl, age 5, on Christmas Day in the Nitroplus and P.A. Works series.

Both criminally minded and utterly different, Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa are a fascinating pair. Kazuki is a gregarious criminal contractor/coordinator who enjoys chatting up women and testing his luck at the casino when he’s not on the clock. While Rei has devoted his life to his profession as an assassin, he would rather spend his free time playing video games.

After an unsuccessful mission, both of their lives are turned upside down. Dressed as Santa Claus for work, Kuzuki meets Miri Unasaka, 5, who is hunting for her father, a mafia lord. When a shootout breaks out in a hotel, Rei and Kazuki are left with the child and must undertake their most challenging mission to date: babysitting.

Buddy Daddies Anime Release Date

On Saturday, January 7, 2023, at 00:00 hours Japanese Standard Time, the first episode of Buddy Daddies will premiere. Season premieres will air on Fridays instead of Saturdays in most countries of the world due to time zone differences.

Sunday saw the release of a second promotional video for the performance, clocking in at a whopping 1 minute and 43 seconds—nearly three times as long as the first. Even though the new video showcases the two killers in action, it also teases us with the tender moments we’ll get to enjoy when Kazuki and Rei take on the role of unexpected caregivers.

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About Buddy Daddies Anime

To recap, in the winter of 2023, you can watch the first season of Buddy Daddies, an anime original TV series. Neither the number of episodes nor their individual lengths have been announced by the studio in charge of the series as of this writing.

Given that the anime is based on a slice-of-life and comedy premise that includes some humorous crimes, we should at the very least expect a season of 12 episodes, each of which will run for 24 minutes. The original anime follows two assassins who adopt a little girl and find themselves having to raise her as if they were a family.

The anime summary claims that these two assassins are legendary for never missing a target. A five-year-old girl, whom they have just met, presents a problem, though, and she needs their care. In the anime, the two polar opposite characters will take care of a girl and a family while juggling their other responsibilities.

Buddy Daddies Anime Cast

The animation was created by P. A. WORKS, while Nitroplus contributed to the script. Though just the voices of our main three characters have been cast so far, additional information is expected to be released in the following months.

The director is Yoshiyuki Asai, while Vio Shimokura is writing the script and collaborating on the series’ composition with Yuko Kakihara. Katsumi Enami did the character designs, and Katsutoshi Kitagawa composed the music.

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Where To Watch: Buddy Daddies Anime

The first episode of Buddy Daddies will debut on Japanese television networks on May 1. The first episode of Buddy Daddies will premiere on Japanese networks such as Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, ABC, and Miele for Japanese viewers.

For international fans, an English dub of the anime’s first episode, Buddy Daddies, will soon be available on Crunchyroll.

Buddy Daddies Anime Trailer

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