Is Jake Paul Dating Julia Rose a Model? All The Ups & Downs Of Their Romance!

Who Is Jake Paul Dating

Jake Paul, 24, is a former American YouTuber/vlogger and current professional boxer. Like his older brother, Logan, Jake found fame on the now-defunct social media platform Vine. Then he shifted his focus to YouTube, where he became famous and wealthy thanks to his prank videos and vlogs.

He also had a great professional boxing career, going 3-0 in the ring. On April 17th, he had his most recent victory, a TKO in the first round over Ben Askren, an ex-UFC fighter. In addition, he has a flawless record because he has fought and won against NBA icon Nate Robinson and YouTuber AnEsonGib.

Before Logan Paul Vs. KSI 1, Paul had a white-collar combat against Deji, KSI’s younger brother, and won by technical knockout. Even though he hasn’t faced any real professional boxers just yet, he’s off to a strong start in the sport.

Who Is Jake Paul Dating?

Julia Rose, a model, is Jake Paul’s current girlfriend. There were reports of a breakup before they started dating again in 2020. Both of their profiles suggest they are still together, though. Jake Paul confirmed the continuation of his relationship with Julia Rose via a half-naked photo uploaded on his 25th birthday.

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Are Jake Paul and Julia Rose Still Together?

Julia Rose, who was born on December 30th, 1993, in New Orleans, is a model, podcast co-host, and creator of SHAGMAG. In the wake of her appearance on the MTV reality show Are You The One? she became a household name. In 2016 Edyn Mackney, called “Mack,” from Love Island Australia is one of Rose’s 397,000 Instagram followers.

It is commonly assumed that Rose’s NSFW photographs were the reason she was temporarily banned from Instagram in January 2021. Rose is notorious for stripping in public and is a known prankster.

A stunt she pulled in 2019 earned her the nickname “World Series Flasher” as she and two friends flashed their breasts during a game between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. After being pictured with Julia Rose in February 2020, Jake Paul confirmed their relationship in March 2020.

Julia Rose & Jake Paul’s Relationship Timeline

They Met on The Set of A Video in 2019: Reportedly getting together in 2019 on the set of Jake’s music video for “These Days,” Julia Rose is the girlfriend of social media sensation Jake Paul. Jake Paul’s now-years-long relationship with Julia Rose was intriguingly predicted by the role Julia performed in the video for the tune.

Never have I ever done it. I can’t love someone who acts that way. In a matter of hours, Paul declared his commitment to the model. I think we were together for around six hours total,” he stated. Finally, I told her, “I love you.”

Paul and Julia Began Dating in 2020: In early 2020, a month after Jake ended his relationship with Tana Mongeau, he began dating the famous actress. In February 2020, they made it Instagram official when Jake shared a photo of the Are You The One? star kissing her new lover.


Jake made a YouTube vlog in March of 2020 in which he presented his hot new girlfriend to his fans. “We met on the shoot of the music video, and then we fell in love,” he stated. Everything moved forward and our love grew rapidly. He’s nuts,” Rose continued. “He’s psycho, but I dig it.

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Breakup Rumors Started in February 2022: As reported by Page Six, the couple appeared to have split up in early 2022 after Jake tweeted, “Alexa, play “I’m Single” by Jake Paul. But a source for the publication claims that he has “gone on with other girls” despite being “devastated.”

Dexter said that a hot repost to Instagram model Sky Bri’s posts showed Jake kissing her on the beach. The fallout was severe after Jake showered praise on an Instagram post by Julia in March, and she responded by criticizing his taste. “God dammit u honestly are so f**king sexy it’s absurd,” Jake said after seeing the photo.

In April 2022, They Were Back Together Again: This is Julia Rose and Jake Paul in January of 2022 at Craig’s in West Hollywood, California. According to an interview Jake gave to The New York Post in April 2022, the pair was doing OK again.

Who Is Jake Paul Dating

The boxer reportedly said he “had time” for a relationship when asked by the site, and he was conducting the interview from Julia’s house, suggesting the two were romantically involved. He responded to the media with, “Right, Julia.”There’s no telling if she’s around. To be sure, that does play a significant role in my daily existence.

In June of 2022, he posted a series of sexy images of Julia on his website to further prove the reconciliation. “This is an appreciation post for Julia Rose and her all-natural beauty,” he wrote on Twitter. “Even after plastic surgery, women still can’t compete.”

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Jake Paul’s Dating History


Jake Paul is famous on social media, but at while he’s famous for dating a lot of girls. The following tabulate column will provide the history of dating for Jake Paul:-

Partner Age Profession Relationship Period
Tana Mongeau 24 Internet Celebrity Marriage 2019 – 2020
Erika Costell 30 Internet Celebrity Dating 2017 – 2018
Tessa Brooks 23 Internet Celebrity Dating 2017
Alissa Violet 26 Internet Celebrity Dating 2016 – 2017
Saxon Sharbino 23 Internet Celebrity Dating 2014
Mia Francis 29 Model Dating N/A