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Is Dan Real Killed in Lucifer? Why His Death Was Shocking Moment of The Show?

Is Dan Real Killed in Lucifer? Why His Death Was Shocking Moment of The Show?

Fans of the fantasy show Lucifer were shocked when one of the main characters was killed off in a brutal way in the most recent episodes.

Kevin Alejandro has played Dan Espinoza on the LAPD since the first season. Espinoza used to be a bad cop and was once married to Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

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Over the years, the character has become more and more funny. His rival at work, Lucifer Morningstar, often plays jokes and pranks on him (Tom Ellis).

That’s why it was so shocking to see him put in a life-threatening situation in the second half of Lucifer season five, which led to his death.

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How Did Dan Die In Lucifer?

In the second-to-last episode of Lucifer’s fifth season, called “Is This Really How It’s Going to End?,” the LAPD finds out that a lab technician who stole from dead people for money was behind a string of murders.

This shady person stole Amenadiel’s necklace, which is a part of the flaming sword, a dangerous celestial weapon (for more information, see our article on Azrael’s Blade).

Michael, Lucifer’s sneaky twin brother, wanted to find all three pieces of the flaming sword so he could become the new God. He hired a dangerous gang of mercenaries to find the necklace.

Dan runs into this group while looking for the stolen items. They kidnap him and torture him to get information, but he is able to try to get away when they momentarily let their guard down.

Dan fights hard and kills a couple of his captors in a thrilling action scene, but he is shot in the back as he tries to escape, and the wound kills him.

He is very close to dying when Chloe finds him. She rushes him to the hospital, but the doctors can’t save him.

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Is Dan really dead?

Fans of Lucifer’s Detective Douche, rejoice!

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We can say for sure that Kevin Alejandro will be back for the sixth season, but it’s still not clear what his role will be.

In season five of Lucifer, we got the disturbing news that Dan had been sent to hell after he died. This seemed very unfair, since Dan was known for being kind to people on Earth.

Since the end of Lucifer, season 5B confirmed that Lucifer Morningstar is the new God, it’s possible that he will help his dead enemy get to the heavenly kingdom where he belongs.

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In an interview with, Alejandro said, “This is definitely not the end for Dan. Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich came up with a plan to get him back in some way.

“I think we thought it was important. It was something I wanted to do for myself, not just as a filmmaker and storyteller. I want to finish that trip with the family we’ve made.

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“I think they felt the same way, and they found a way to let him be a part of it that was respectful and made sense. Let me finish that journey with everyone, no matter how big or small his role is in season six.”

In an interview with TVLine, the people in charge of the Lucifer show gave more hints about what could happen to Dan in season six. They also hinted that Dan’s death could cause a big change in how heaven and hell are run.

Joe Henderson said, “If Dan Espinosa doesn’t go to heaven after everything he’s been through and all the good things in his heart, then maybe something even bigger is broken.”

Ildy Modrovich said, “We found a story for him that we love, and it’s one of those times when you paint yourself into a corner and find something so much more fun and satisfying because of it.”

Is Dan trapped in Hell?

In terms of Dan’s fate, we were able to sigh a little bit of relief towards the end of the season. Despite the fact that he appears to be dead this time, Dan might be able to leave Hell without too much trouble if Lucifer becomes God. After all, it doesn’t seem like he went to Hell as a result of anything he did or felt. Because of Michael’s schemes, he got to Hell.

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Lucifer was selected to succeed God because of the self-sacrifice he made to save Chloe. A new God—the Devil—will appear in season six. And hopefully, in Season 6, the new God will also usher Dan into his rightful, blissful afterlife.

Could Dan’s life be brought back?

Dan could potentially be revived by Lucifer in his new job, but it is improbable. Dan received a lovely funeral, and the show took the time to say goodbye to the character, even though actor Kevin Alejandro hasn’t formally quit the part.

If Kevin does come back, it’s most likely to show us Dan’s journey from Hell to Heaven.

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Since Season 6 is expected to be the series’ final season, it is highly doubtful that they will bring back previous cast members other than to bid them farewell as the show tries to come to an end.

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