How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

The fashion trend of wearing a body harness is present, and it is not impossible to see why this is the case. The fashion industry has lately adopted this very alluring accent. However, it is important to note that harnesses are the most often connected accessory with goth and grunge dress styles. When it comes down to it, body harnesses are badass.

Depending on the rest of your attire, including a harness may be a fantastic way to elevate an otherwise simple and casual appearance. For illustration, leather body harnesses look fantastically layered over t-shirts and dark-themed outfits.

Why is body harnessing trendy?

Harnesses are considered an accessory. They serve the purpose of a statement accessory that may radically alter an outfit. They’re a great way to spice up a business suit. You may intensify the alternative feel you’re going for by pairing them with fishnet stockings. 

You may also wear them with plain t-shirts and still get attention. Like many everyday items, a harness has inspired the world’s leading design companies despite its practicality in a wide variety of physical sports or simply as a means of ensuring one’s own safety. Naturally, fetishwear served as a source of motivation. 

It defied its initial description in the same way that tight-fitting lace clothing and stilettos do. Despite their association with sass and wildness, there was always something appealing about quality gay harnesses. They came back in clothing fashions in the 2000s when they were used as a striking accent in well-tailored suits or as an unexpected addition to more basic items.

Tips and Suggestions to Style Your Harness

It may provide a distinct touch of subtle detail when worn under other clothing. Generally speaking, a body harness is an accessory. However, depending on your viewpoint, it might also be considered undergarments or lingerie. Below are the tips on how to style your body harness.

Adding expressive touches to your arm and shoulder harness 

How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

The upper arm is the most typical placement for arm harnesses, which are often adorned with chains or hammered metal. Arm harnesses may be categorized and considered jewelry from a popular fashion standpoint. 

But anybody familiar with cyberpunk or other Gothic cultural identities will know that arm harnesses have already been worn for ages. It is typically paired with belts, chains, and other items to create a much more stunning impression than a basic arm bangle.

It works well with a tee and jeans or a more dressy top

Harnesses were first utilized as a means of stability. Still, unstructured styles are acceptable. You could dress your harness over a comfy t-shirt or match it with loose-fitting tracksuit pants and a cardigan or denim jacket.

Wearing a bra harness as a fashion statement

How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

These days, you can even get a bra with a harness. The best part is that you can throw these contemporary additions on top of your dresses and shirts instead of tucking them in. This may draw attention to your breasts. Its effect can be subtle or bold, depending on your bra style and garment. 

Pair it with a short-sleeved shirt

Wearing a gorgeous tank top with high-waisted denim is a winning combination. However, a simple harness worn over a t-shirt will take your look to the next level. Emphasize your tiny waist and make a statement.

Express yourself with a thigh harness

Thigh harnesses are a harness or band that goes around the thigh, much like a garter. They are perfect if you want to hide your tummy while still looking seductive. A harness may be worn over jean shorts or under a skirt for a sensual effect.

Make your top harness fabulous

Use a simple black skater dress or a monochromatic tank top as a foundation for your getup if you want your harness to stand out.  You can also add some buckle details on the leather harness and the form-fitting lacy skater dress in the upper image.

Be bold with your harness belt

How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

The hippest accessory is the harness belt, one of the trickiest pieces of jewelry to wear. In the proper hands, this gothic accessory may elevate even the dowdiest outfit to the level of a fashion show stopper. These belts are adjustable in width, and the shoulder straps may be clasped for a snug fit. They have a leathery texture and fit like a second skin to create an hourglass figure.

Adding a harness belt to your shift dress may completely transform it from plain and uninteresting to exciting and unique. Your waist will be the center of attention in this dress when you wear this belt that fits so well around it.

Harnesses should indeed be worn with the blazers

Blazers may be everything but dull and ordinary. Add some extra flair with a harness belt. It shortens a long blazer, making it a dress or a top that may be worn with jeans.

The use of contrasting colors is welcomed

Wearing a black harness over a white t-shirt is a simple way to add flair to your wardrobe. Less complicated harnesses are preferable. For example, you may wear a lighter bottom half with a white leather harness. A more powerful argument will result from your using this strategy.

How to properly layer body harnesses

How to Look Stylish with Harnesses

When donning a punky or gothic harness, layers are essential. A hard leather harness may be used to structure and emphasize the form of shapeless clothing, such as a wide t-shirt, dress, or another big garment. Yet another option is to wear a leather harness with a waist-cinching bodycon dress. After wearing this accessory, you should expect a dramatic improvement in your hourglass figure. 

Wearing a body harness beneath your clothes may accentuate your shoulders and chest or entirely change the look of a backless garment. A harness like this is one notable kind of lingerie that is entirely acceptable to show off. Where it is more well known by its sexier names of cage bras or bralettes.

It’s Time to Show Off Your Sexy Side!

Wearing a body harness may make your whole closet feel and look fresh. Think of them as a flavor enhancer for your alternative style wardrobe. And don’t forget to accessorize with some eye-catching jewelry to bring the rock star vibe to your outfit.