Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Release Date Is Cofirmed!


Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World is a Japanese light novel series written by Shinta Fuji and illustrated by Susumu Kuroi. It started being posted online in January 2019 on the website Shsetsuka ni Nar, which lets people publish their own novels.

It was later bought by Media Factory, which has put out three books under its MF Books imprint since September 2019.

Since October 2019, Kadokawa Shoten’s ComicWalker website has been running a serialization of a manga adaptation with art by Masaki Kawakami. It has been put together in five volumes called tankbon. In January 2023, Geek Toys will start airing an anime TV series based on the book.

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An anime adaptation was announced at the MF Books 8th Anniversary Livestream event on August 15, 2021. It was later revealed to be a television series produced by Frontier Works, animated by Geek Toys in cooperation with Seven, and written and directed by Itsuki Imazaki. Hiroo Nagao is handling the character designs and serving as chief animation director, and Ryo Takahashi is composing the music.

Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Release Date Is Cofirmed!

The series is set to premiere on January 10, 2023, on Tokyo MX and other networks. The opening theme song is “Glorious World” by Shun’ichi Toki, while the ending theme song is “Never Fear” by Mao Abe. Crunchyroll has licensed the series under the title, Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World, and will be streaming it along with an English dub.

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The Trailer Features the Main Cast for The Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Anime Which Includes:

Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Release Date Is Cofirmed!

  • Yusuke Kobayashi as Nick
  • Sayaka Kikuchi as Curran
  • Sayumi Watabe as Tiana
  • Shun’ichi Toki as Zem
  • Kaori Ishihara as Agate
  • Mikako Komatsu as Kizun

When Will the Second Episode of The Anime Ningen Fushin Come Out, What Will Happen, and Where Can I Watch It Online?

The anime show Ningen Fushin is about a guy named Nick and his teammates. Nick’s coach, Argus, kicks him off the team all of a sudden, and Claudine breaks up with him. Nick has lost hope, so he joins the new teen star Agate’s otaku culture.

Apparently, Disillusioned Adventurers Will Save the World Release Date Is Cofirmed!

Nick needs to go on more adventures to pay for this way of life, but he can’t find a new group. He ends up at a table in a tavern with Tiana, who is sad, Zem, who used to be a priest, and Curran, who is a dragon. 

Tiana is a genius at magic, but her fiancé dumped her because he was jealous. The group will drink together and then go on an adventure that fans will get to see in the next episode of the show.

Ningen Fushin anime episode 2 release date and time

The release date of the upcoming anime series Ningen Fushin episode 2 is January 10, 2023. The title of the episode is “The Ultimate Party Is Formed? Survivors!”. You can watch this episode on Tuesday at the given times:

  • 04:30 hrs Pacific Time, 10th January 2023
  • 18:00 hrs Indian Standard Time, 10th January 2023
  • 23:30 hrs Australian Standard Time, 10th January 2023
  • 06:30 hrs Central Time, 10th January 2023
  • 07:30 hrs Eastern Time, 10th January 2023

Where can you watch the Ningen Fushin anime episodes?

This anime series’ episodes can be watched by fans in Japan on the Tokyo MX TV network. Aside from that, they can also watch it at the same time on KBS Kyoto and SUN TV. Fans from outside of Japan can watch episode 2 of the Ningen Fushin anime with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and YouTube.


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