Is ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Hannah Baker Tapes Based On True Incident?

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On

The tapes from the real Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why, according to a TikTok account, are currently going viral.

Many people think Hannah Baker is the real source of the recordings. In case you weren’t aware, the teen drama series 13 Reasons Why is based on Jay Asher’s 2007 book of the same name.

The drama series centers on the events that followed Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford)) suicide. Hannah left behind a box of cassette tapes before she passed away, in which she details all the factors that led to her decision to take her life.

She goes into depth about the persons she thinks killed her.

Even though the contentious series drew criticism from mental health experts, it was a huge success for Netflix when it debuted in 2017. The series aired its final episode in June 2020 after four seasons.

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On?

Hannah Baker is not real. The 2007 novel of the same name by Jay Asher served as the inspiration for the film 13 Reasons Why. Hannah from this book served as the model for Hannah on television. She’s a high school student just trying to make ends meet.


She does, however, leave a collection of tapes that provide justification for her suicide. However, a real person had an impact on Hannah’s persona. Although Jay doesn’t name the relative, he asserts that Hannah’s tale was influenced by a relative who tried suicide when she was roughly the same age.

He has traveled a great deal, which has inspired him. According to Marquette Wire, he also allegedly met down with women to discuss their sentiments and memories from high school, including his wife and friends. Hannah Baker, the main character of the television show and book, was a freshman at Liberty High.

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On

The plot chronicles her attempts to blend in at high school and get through a challenging time as dramatic events take place in her life. Hannah endures bullying and criminal acts before giving up on life and committing suicide, but not before leaving a set of audiotapes to exact revenge on those who wronged her.

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Is Hannah Baker Real?

Many students suffering from the tragedies of high schools, such as the overwhelming amount of homework or having to deal with bullies and anxieties, may relate to the well-known teen drama. The series received praise for its dramatic yet accurate portrayal of high school students, yet it was free of controversy and rumors.

Who Is Hannah Baker Based On

Soon, theories about a true Hannah Baker case began to circulate online. The bestselling teen novel of the same name by Jay Asher served as the inspiration for the series.

The author told Coming Soon that while Hannah Baker is fictional, she was partially based on his wife and a number of other ladies he met in his life and their terrible tales.

He acknowledged that his high school best friend’s suicide attempt and their respective stories served as inspiration for Hannah Baker’s deeds, thoughts, and emotions. These events served as the author’s inspiration for creating this female character.

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Are ’13 Reasons Why’ Based on A True Story?

Despite being based on the same-named book, 13 Reasons Why isn’t necessarily a factual story. Instead, after witnessing a family member attempt suicide, the author was moved by the various emotions and thoughts of the women in his life, and he used those to create the fictitious universe that Hannah comes from.


When Jay went to Edina High School in Edina, Minnesota, in 2016, he mentioned that Hannah’s tapes were inspired by a vacation to Vegas. He took an audio tour of an Egyptian tomb, where each stop was accompanied by a different audio recording.