Are Too Hot to Handle’s James and Brittan Still Together?

Are Too Hot to Handle's James and Brittan Still Together?

Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass took a while to become one of the strongest couples at the retreat in Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle.

Brittan was attracted to Ethan Smith at first, and James was determined to stop his castmates from breaking the rules and stealing the prize money.

But by the end of Season 4, they had decided to be together for good. Still, Seb Melrose, Kayla Richart, Jawahir Khalifa, and Nick Krici made it to the finals with Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Krici. James and Brittan both chose Jawa and Nick as the winners of Season 4 because they seemed to have grown the most.

But what will happen to this couple who follows the rules? Brittan and James are both from Hawaii, so they live close to each other. They also talk to each other on Instagram, so it seems like they are at least still friends, if not something more.

Too Hot to Handle Journey by James Pendergrass and Brittan Byrd

Brittan Byrd was 22 years old when she was in the fourth version of “Too Hot to Handle.” The Hawaii-based professional model was looking forward to having some fun, especially since she thought she was on a fake show called “Wild Love.”

During her introduction, she talked about how society has always looked at women who are sexually active. Then, she said that times have changed, and these women should be looked up to as role models. She put herself in this group as well.

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In his talk with Brittan, James admitted that he hadn’t been giving her the space she needed and that he was used to treating women without much care. He said he realized his mistakes and asked for a second chance, which his fellow Hawaiian agreed to.

From then on, they were together all the time. When their watches turned green on their date in the second-to-last episode, they kissed for the first time. Brittan and James were happy that Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici won, even though they weren’t among the top two couples.

Is James Pendergrass and Brittany Byrd still together?

We do believe James Pendergrass and Brittan Byrd are still together. As of this writing, there has been no official announcement about it, but the two do follow each other on social media, and they’ve been nothing but nice on each other’s Instagram posts.


In fact, they both seem very happy to be on the show and don’t ever hide it.

On a personal level, the two reality stars are doing well in their respective careers and seem to have learned a lot from the experience. So, we wish them all the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future, hopefully together.

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James and Brittan always make TikToks that are too hot to handle.

Since the latest Too Hot To Handle retreat on Netflix came out, James and Brittan have been all over TikTok with funny videos about their experience. Jawahir and Nick haven’t been seen together much since they won, but James and Brittan have spent a lot of time together.


Since they weren’t nominated for the grand prize, it’s possible that James and Brittan don’t have to follow the same rules as their Too Hot To Handle co-stars. James and Brittan talk about how they won’t break Lana’s rules, or bond, a lot on TikTok. They haven’t talked about their relationship directly, but their social media activities continue to show that they’re not fighting.