Is Giannina Still With Damian After His Love Triangle With Francesca?

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

Giannina Gibelli And Damian Powers saw their fair share of highs and lows while participating in the inaugural season of Love Is Blind, which was shot back in 2018.
In the groundbreaking dating experiment that debuted on Netflix in 2020, singles tried to find a mate and fall in love without ever meeting in person.

The couple’s relationship had been through many ups and downs on the show, in quarantine in 2020, and on the set of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, when a careless invitation from Damian resulted in some unexpected celebrity cameos. A lot of time has gone by since Damian and I last went out on a date.

I have advanced in my own case. I’m in a great mood today. It appeared like Giannina and Damian had passed the series’ test to discover if participants’ emotional connections may outweigh physical attraction. Before ever meeting in person, the pair fell in love and decided to spend the rest of their lives together while they conversed in walls-enclosed pods.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together in 2023?

Because Damian yelled “NO” at the altar on Love is Blind, they break up after three years of intermittent dating. The crowd seems to take seriously the claims that Damian brought his ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago to the celebration after he turned down Giannina at the altar in the reunion episode.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

Damian and Giannina were one couple who made it to the altar in 2020, but she was so upset when he declined on the wedding day that she fled the venue and ended up slipping in the mud and damaging her dress.

They split apart. Gibelli and Powers arguing over him bringing “Too Hot to Handle” cast member Francesca Farago as a date to the “Love Is Blind” reunion party constituted most of the drama at the “After the Altar” special.

Damian and Giannina’s Relationship Timeline

Along the way, Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli encountered some difficulties. Though they had intended to wed on Love Is Blind in 2019, they finally decided against it.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

Nevertheless, they were able to leave the show together as a committed couple with plans to mend their relationship. During their confinement in 2020, they spent time together and worked to strengthen their alliance. In the end, a few things—specifically a reality TV peer—got in the way.

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Did the Couple Tie the Knot?

Giannina Gibeli and Damian made it all the way to the altar, but they never wed. Everything looked to be going well as the couple repeated their heartfelt vows while crying, and when asked if she would accept Damian as her husband, Giannina replied, “Of course I do.”

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

Damian, on the other hand, stunned his future wife when he replied, “I do not,” to the identical query. Giannina then started crying, ran away from the altar, and collapsed outside while Damian attempted to comfort her that he still loved her.

Did They Stay Together After the Wedding?

Many people thought that the couple’s romance had finally ended after the dramatic events of the season finale, in which Giannina fled the altar. Viewers of the show’s reunion episode in March 2020 were completely taken aback by the couple’s decision to try again with their marriage following the catastrophe that was their wedding in 2018.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

The two talked about how Giannina’s criticism of Damian’s lack of initiative in the bedroom harmed their relationship and promised to work on it before the wedding. Damian excused himself by claiming, “You take me on a roller coaster of emotions, which is why I don’t initiate.”

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What Are the Couples Doing Now?

Giannina now has nearly 2 million Instagram followers and has carved out a career as a social media influencer. Since her time on Love Is Blind, the actress has switched from blonde to dark hair.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

In January, PEOPLE reported that Giannina and Blake Horstmann, who starred on a different reality program than The Bachelorette, were in the beginning stages of a new romance. Gibelli is now dating “The Bachelorette” star Blake Horstmann. The insider remarked, “They’re taking things slowly.” But they appear to be really content with one another.

Are Damian and Giannina Still Together 2023

With 842k Instagram followers today, Damian appears to be building a career out of being an influencer. The 30-year-old appears to concentrate primarily on fitness-related content, although he also publishes pictures from his opulent lifestyle. Damian doesn’t currently seem to be involved in any relationships.