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Does John Dutton Die in Yellowstone Season 2? John Dutton Has an Unexpected Health Crisis.

Does John Dutton Die in Yellowstone Season 2?

After the first two episodes of Yellowstone Season 2, a lot of fans are wondering about John Dutton’s health.

At the end of Season 1, fans wondered if Kevin Costner would even come back because John seemed to be dying of cancer.

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But now things don’t make sense.

Here’s a quick explanation of what’s going on with John now and what really happened in Season 1. Spoilers for Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 are in this post.

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Explaining John Dutton’s Cancer and Health Update on “Yellowstone”

When I watched the first two episodes of Season 2 of Yellowstone, I was confused. At first, I thought we were being told that John never had cancer. But that’s not what happened at all.

A big fan of the show, Michele Ellis, got in touch with me and told me what happened with John’s health. She said that her father had died of colon cancer, so she was very interested in John’s story.

She reminded me (and I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten) that John had surgery in Season 1, and then two weeks later, he rode a horse that needed to be broken. He tried to hide his pain, but the cowboys who were watching could see it, and they all started to talk about it. People do like to gossip!

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The next day, John went to an auction and ran into an old friend. The friend’s son was in charge of figuring out what was wrong with John after the mass was cut out. His friend talked to him about it, and later, Jamie talked to the doctor and told him not to say anything about what was going on with John.

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Ellis said this about what happened to John: “He did have cancer, but it was taken care of. When the post-surgery scan showed the mass, the first thought was that cancer had come back, not that they “got it all.” But because they wrote him as a stoic and stubborn man, he didn’t go to the doctor as they told him to.

So that’s what’s going on with John Dutton’s health. Yes, he did have cancer last season, but it looks like surgery was able to get rid of it. When they saw a mass and his symptoms came back, they thought it might have come back. But it turns out that John’s problems were caused by an ulcer that burst, so he does not have cancer.

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Will John Dutton pass away before the end of Yellowstone?

It’s safe to say that more and more signs point to John’s death. But it’s very likely that John Dutton will die in Yellowstone. Not in Season 5, though.

Taylor Sheridan wants the show to have a total of 6 seasons. But we won’t know for sure if Kevin Costner will be in those last episodes until they come out.

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