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Is My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Officially Confirmed? Check Here!

My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date

Are you ready for an anime tale based on Cinderella? This one will feature the adorable duo of Miyo and Kiyoka, the protagonists of the anime series My Happy Marriage, instead of big pumpkin carriages, glass slippers, or fairy godmothers.

The plot of the show centers on the forced union of an odd couple: a mistreated woman of aristocratic birth named Miyo and a heartless soldier named Kiyoka. Despite their difficulties, the couple gradually shares their feelings with one another in order to maintain their happy marriage.

My Happy Marriage, written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka, was first published as a series of light novels. Two of the most well-known voice actors in Japan will be featured in the anime adaptation of Kinema Citrus.

The Release Date for The Anime My Happy Marriage

A release date has not yet been announced. However, given the timing of the announcement, fans can anticipate the premiere of My Happy Marriage Anime in late 2022 or early 2023. A Live-Action Film Adaptation Will Premiere in Japan in March 2023.

An anime adaptation by Kinema Citrus has been announced. The My Happy Marriage Season 1 premiere date is something that the fans are really interested in learning when they may watch it. Well, the debut of My Happy Marriage Season 1 is anticipated for some point in 2022.

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My Happy Marriage Anime Plot Details

Fans of the show get a brand-new romantic story. The protagonist of the story is Miyu Saimiri, who has suffered her entire life because she was not able to inherit the family’s magical abilities. Her family arranges her marriage to Kiyoka Kudo because her life has been miserable already.

If the stories are accurate, Kiyoka poses a threat. Miyo, who was raised by her harsh stepmother despite coming from a noble family, was married off to Kiyoka, a ruthless soldier whose previous fiancées had broken off their engagement just three days after it had begun.

Despite their rough beginning, Miyo gradually begins to give her heart to her icy and pale future husband because she has nowhere to go. She might have a chance to discover true love and happiness thanks to this. But when the man displays a new side of himself, everything changes.

Will this marriage help Miyo achieve true happiness in the end? All of this will be revealed in the future series. The future series will probably adapt all three volumes since there have only been three volumes produced to date.

My Happy Marriage Anime Cast & Crew

Miyo Saimori Miyo is one of the protagonists of the series. Living a Cinderella-inspired life, she suddenly finds herself residing with a cruel stepmother and stepsister after her mother dies. Eventually, she is set up for an arranged marriage with Kiyoka Kudou. Reina Ueda
Kiyoka Kudou Kiyoka Kudou is a military captain, rumored to be a heartless groom towards his fiancées. Kaito Ishikawa

The names of the new members of the behind-the-cameras staff were revealed via a Twitter statement. This also applies to Takehiro Kubota, who will take over as director. The screenplays are being handled by Ami Sato, Takahito Onishi, and Momoka Toyoda, while Takao Abo will be responsible for the storyboards.

Evan Call also performs the tune. Finally, the renowned Studio Kinema Citrus will be producing the show. The two main leads’ voices were also present in the post. Reina Uda will play Miyo Saimori, and Kaito Ishikawa will play Kiyoka Kudo, it has been announced.

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My Happy Marriage Anime: Trailer

The creators did not, however, cease until this point. Fans were welcomed with a brief trailer and a crucial image. The series synopsis is presented in the one-minute-long clip. The sequence of events might be seen as the start of the My Happy Marriage. It featured sequences where Miyo, the protagonist, was the major subject.

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