Blue Lock Chapter 202: Heart of the Sword! Release Date & Plot

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Heart of the Sword! Release Date & Plot

The good news is that the new chapter will come out without a break. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the last goal to happen. But Isagi Yoichi and Kaiser were in line to get that score. But in this story, something completely unexpected is going to happen.

The last shot will be made by the one person no one is expecting. So, without wasting too much of your time, here is everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 202.

In the next part of the story, fans will notice that someone new is becoming a strong competitor in the match. And this is Yukimiya right here. We last saw that Ego did not want this man to take the goal at all.

Review of The Previous Chapter!

“Without Being Seen by Anyone” was the title of Blue Lock Chapter 201. Isagi’s last chance came at the start of the chapter. Kaiser was the first person to challenge him. Isagi used his smarts to get around him and grab the ball again.

Later on, we find out that Chigiri was here to show that he was faster than Isagi. But even his attack didn’t do anything to him. Nagi was the next one.


But, one by one, each player was able to take the chance to get the ball back from the Isagi. When the captain saw this, he sent Chris Prince to the boy to challenge him. The chapter ended with a fight between Noel Noa of Bastard Munchens and Chris Prince of the England Manshine. But Isagi Yoichi will take advantage of the chance to win!

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Where to Find Blue Lock Chapter 202?


Blue Lock has been given a license to be released at the same time in North America and Japan. Its chapters are posted online on the kodansha. You can find Blue Lock Chapter 202 on kodansha. We don’t recommend using any illegal website or platform to read Blue lock manga.

More About the Comic Book Blue Lock

The Blue Lock manga series was written and drawn by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, who is from Japan. Since August 2018, it has been coming out in parts in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Netflix has promised to make an anime-inspired TV show by the year 2022.

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The Japanese Football Association decided to hire Jinpachi Ego as their World Cup coach after taking a look at where they are now. Jinpachi says that Japan doesn’t have a striker who is aggressive.

So, he puts the Blue Lock in place. 300 of Japan’s best high school strikers are locked up in a place that is basically a jail. The only person who made it out of Blue Lock will get a chance to play forward for his country’s soccer team. Those who lose will be put on a permanent list of people not to do business with.

Blue Lock Chapter 202 Release Date

Blue Lock is one of the most popular manga series in Japan. Because they are so captivated by it, fans of this series are eager to learn when Blue Lock Chapter 200 will be released. When is it predicted that Blue Lock Chapter 202 will be published? The publication of Blue Lock Chapter 202 occurs on January 01, 2023.

  • New York, USA: Sun, January 01, 2023, at 09:00 EDT
  • London, United Kingdom: Sun, January 01, 2023, at 14:00 BST
  • India Standard Time, IST: Sun, January 01, 2023, at 18:30 IST
  • Japan Standard Time, JST: Sun, January 01, 2023, at 22:00 JST