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The renovation professionals Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of Bargain Block live out their ambition of rebuilding homes in Detroit, one of the most recognizable American cities. They purchase damaged and vacant properties and renovate them into attractive, reasonably priced homes for first-time homebuyers.

The finest aspect is that they renovate the house using high-quality second-hand items and other do-it-yourself projects. Keith and Evan will purchase several dilapidated and abandoned houses on a single block,

tear them down to the studs, and create affordable, stylish, and fully furnished homes that are perfect for first-time homebuyers with the help of their friend, lifetime Detroit resident, and real estate expert Shea Hicks-Whitfield.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Ten new episodes of HGTV’s well-liked home improvement program Bargain Block have been ordered. The start of the new season is planned for the summer of 2023.
Fans of the show “Bargain Block” regularly express to Loren Ruch, group senior vice president, of programming & development, how much they love it.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Fans of the Bargain Block regularly express to me how much they love the show, according to Loren Ruch, group senior vice president of programming & development at HGTV. “Keith, Evan.

Shea’s passion for restoring Detroit homes is evident in every episode as they transform vacant properties into distinctively lovely homes that showcase Keith’s incredible custom artwork and design aesthetic. With this new 10-episode order, we’ll assist them in their effort to enhance more areas.

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Bargain Block Season 3 Story

The hosts of the home remodeling program “Bargain Block Show” purchase foreclosed homes and renovate them into elegant residences. So let’s start over from scratch. Do you wish to learn some fascinating information about the hosts? So, carry on your exploration. Evan Thomas is a skilled carpenter, and Keith Bynum is a fantastic designer.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Their main objective is to rehabilitate Detroit’s homes using the “one house at a time” method. They purchase dilapidated homes and renovate them to sell them to potential homebuyers for reasonable prices. Another intriguing aspect about them is that, while remodeling, both of them do practically all of the work themselves and make a lot of DIY repairs in an effort to reduce costs.

Each home has a distinct theme and style. Additionally, they reside in each renovated home before moving on to the next one. The intriguing portion is about to begin; after all, we all know the hosts. They are truly at ease with one another, they get along, and they are also partners. They appear to be a pair, therefore it makes sense why we feel that way.

Considering that they are also very much a relationship in real life. They did really meet on the internet dating service while they were both living in Colorado, and they have been together ever since. They don’t appear to be parents, though we are unsure of their marital status. Being able to work and live with your better half is cool and thrilling.

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Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

like you two are going to be together forever. What more could we ask for in a partnership? Keith and Evan Thomas share the same sentiment; they are eager to collaborate so they may get to know one another better. They continue by saying they giggle when they recall the moments when they used to speculate about their possible futures, such as what if they stay apart.

Take a look at how they are now, growing and creating their life together. Have you guys seen anything else? How did they end up in Detroit when neither of them is from there? Thomas is from South Dakota, whereas Bynum is from Texas. They both resided in Colorado when they first connected and made the decision to launch a home remodeling company.

Bynum thought that Detroit would be a better site to launch their firm after conducting a market analysis. They were drawn by the city’s hip atmosphere and scene. Bynum traveled to Detroit in January 2017 with some cash in hand in order to purchase a home. Thomas later consented to become his partner.

Bargain Block Season 3 Release Date

Despite having made the decision to launch their firm there, they were unsure of how Detroiters would react. However, to their amazement, the people of Detroit, particularly their neighbors, eagerly accepted their ideas. Their lovely journey starts there, and it continues.

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Where To Watch Bargain Block?

Amazon Prime Video now offers access to Bargain Block Season 1.

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