What Happened to Carrington and Laurel Relationship After Love Island?

After Love Island Usa, What Happened to Carrington and Laurel Relationship?

Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew most recently took home the Love Island USA Season 2 trophy. The show’s final episode aired on September 30. After a week, many couples have continued to be together while others have broken up. Continue reading to find out if Carrington and Laurel from Love Island are still dating after the show has ended.

Laurel Goldman expressed her excitement for her future with Carrington Rodriguez in an Instagram post she wrote about the Love Island USA finale.”The emotions I’m experiencing right now are beyond words. Thank you to everyone for their love, and support, and for joining me on this wild trip “She wrote. Along with my lovely partner, this experience gave me a lot of personal growth and a wonderful new family.

Carrington and Laurel Defended Their Union.

As a result of Lakeyn Call, a fellow Islander who briefly became romantically involved with Carrington, accusing him of dating Laurel “for the show and then once they go off the show, I see him being a terrible person to her,” the couple came under some criticism. Carrington refuted her assertions, though.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, he claimed that he would have stayed with Kierstan [Saulter], his second Love Island USA partner, “if I was just caring about the show or trying to be false in any way.” I could have just pretended, but I was honest with myself andmy heart, whicht got me where I needed to be.

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Love Island journey of Carrington and Laurel

An islander is rarely completely taken aback by a newcomer from Casa Amor. He moved from Kaitlynn to Kierstan almost quickly after first catching sight of Laurel, and she won over Carrington’s heart. Fans were initially perplexed by Carrington’s erratic behavior, but towards the end of the recoupling, he began to act stable with Laurel.

It was evidently a difficult voyage when they left Casa Amor. Carrington’s motives and ambitions were once again questioned after his connection to another newcomer, Lakeyn.


Fans began to wonder about his genuine motivations and actions after he spent close time with Laurel for two weeks when everyone assumed that he had already moved on with Lakeyn.

Carrington, though, ultimately decided to stick beside Laurel during the formal recoupling ceremony. He secured the fourth spot because of the fans’ love for him and his emotional maturity. He declared his genuine love for Laurel as they left the show.

I think we’re turning into the pair we had hoped to meet when we first arrived at the property, he remarked. I can’t help but consider our future as we go from our past beginning this evening.

He continued, “We both have a passion for travel, and I can’t wait to wake up one day in Fiji, Thailand, or even Paris. However, I am most eager for the day when we will miss one another enough to live together.

I also find it hard to anticipate how we will feel in three months if we are already feeling this way after three weeks. Nevertheless, what actually happened to the couple? Has their relationship improved as a result of their rising above criticism? Let’s research this.

Is There Still Love Between Carrington and Laurel?

Carrington and Laurel are no longer a couple despite making sincere attempts to do so off-screen. In December 2020, not long after leaving the resort, the couple reportedly split up. The two did, however, leave the show with reasonable hopes for their romance, it must be said. Carrington talked candidly about their attitude to dating outside the villa in a post-show interview with ET Online.

We don’t want to simply end, like most couples do when they go on a show like this, he declared.


We’re not a couple, but Carrington continued, “We’re going to talk, text, and phone each other constantly since it will be really strange to be apart.” Fans who accused him of leaving Laurel brought him under scrutiny. He discussed these accusations in an Instagram Live with co-star Johnny Middlebrooks.

We were conversing, right?” Carrington said. There was no romantic relationship between us. That’s okay, too—outside of the concert, we had been acquainted for 2.5 weeks. Our efforts were sincere, yet it was unsuccessful.