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Former Husband of Lisa Marie’s Presley, Danna Keogh Where Is Living Now?

Former Husband of Lisa Marie's Presley, Danna Keogh Where Is Living Now?

After attending the Golden Globes celebration with her mother, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley unexpectedly passed away on January 12, 2023, shocking the entire world. A housekeeper reportedly discovered Lisa Marie unconscious in her room.

When Lisa’s ex-husband Danny Keough got home shortly after, he started performing CPR until the paramedics showed up. They revived Lisa’s heart and sent her to the nearest hospital, where she was put on life support. According to reports, Lisa’s family requested that physicians not attempt to revive her after her heart stopped for a second time and she was declared brain dead upon admittance.

Younger Life

On November 6, 1964, Danny Keough entered this world. Chicago, Illinois, USA, is where he was born. He is currently 57 years old, and Scorpio is his solar sign. Francis Keough (his father) and Janet Keough are also his parents (his mother).

He also has a brother named Thomas Keough who is a sibling.

He also attended a neighborhood high school when he was younger.

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When were Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Married?

While both of them were enrolled in a drug rehab facility in 1985, Danny and Lisa Marie first became friends.

When Elvis’ daughter was only 20 years old, they got married in 1988, three years later.

When Priscilla Presley announced the couple’s marriage, she expressed her joy and happiness for them, adding she “couldn’t be happier.”

Before disclosing their impending divorce in May 1994, the pair had a happy six years of marriage.

Actor Danny Keough Resides and Works In Los Angeles.

Actor Danny Keough resides in Los Angeles. According to IMDb, he hasn’t had many acting roles, therefore he probably has another job. Keough’s most recent appearance was with his daughter Riley Keough in the 2019 film The Lodge.

In 1988, Keough wed Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa told People following the low-key Church of Scientology ceremony, “I am pleased for Lisa Marie. Danny is a wonderful man, and I am very happy for the two of them.

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According to rumors, Lisa coerced Danny, who had met Lisa in rehab, into signing away his right to Marie’s wealth. Six years later, the putative prenup would come in handy: the couple, who had divorced in 1994, remained good friends.

Lisa said to People

“Since we resemble a brother and sister, it is not at all strange. Even if you are not together, you are not have to dump your junk on your children. You can maintain your civility. At the time I had the kids with him, I was aware that Danny was a person I could remain friends with for the rest of my life.

After their son Benjamin Keough committed suicide, Danny and Lisa moved back in together. Lisa claimed Danny was “totally lost” on Facebook. The Sun was told by a source:

In her later years, Lisa was tormented by grief over Ben because he was her baby and heavily depended on her. When he passed away, everything in her world fell apart.

The presence of her ex-boyfriend Danny again gave her comfort. Despite not being amorous, they were close.

Personal Life of Danny Keough

He is currently unmarried. On October 3, 1988, Danny Keough wed Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa is a songwriter and vocalist. Numerous guests were invited to their wedding, one of the big celebrations.

In 1985, Danny and Lisa first connected at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. Then, he was Lisa’s music mentor as well as a member of her band playing guitar.

They have two children together, including Danielle Riley Keough, an actress, and model. Benjamin Storm Keough is the name of the son. Benjamin sadly passed away on July 12, 2020.

At the age of 27, he attempted suicide by shooting. And on May 6, 1994, they quickly divorced without giving any particular cause.

Danny couldn’t financially support his children because he was only a struggling musician.

Therefore, Lisa raised both of the children. Despite being apart, Danielle and Benjamin continued to communicate with their father.

The daughter of one of the forum members, Danielle Riley, has also stated that she experienced no difficulties growing up because her mother was physically stronger than her father, Danny.

Additionally, she has observed how her father struggled by residing in cabins and trailer parks due to a lack of funds.

Despite their separation, they are still good friends, and Danny even currently sleeps at one of Lisa’s guest houses in San Francisco, California, USA. Additionally, Lisa stated in one of the interviews that she intended to remarry Danny in 2003, but that did not take place.

The Career of Danny Keough

Danny works as a vocalist and musician in the industry. In Presley’s original band, he played bass. He thus played bass in Presley’s band and functioned as a musical advisor to Presley.

He is well recognized for his performances in the upcoming horror film The Lodge (2019), which is directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, and the 2000 drama Cabin by the Lake.

Despite not being well-known in the music business, he amassed a large amount of cash after marrying Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis Presley.

He also gained some notoriety as a result of the speedy resolution of his custody dispute with Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson in the 1990s.

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