Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date: A Faint Light Lost In The Dark!

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

The Berserk Chapter 372 release date is now the most frequently asked question online about this series, which is only reasonable given how the most recent chapter of the series concluded with a side of Guts that we have never seen. I have had the most difficulty watching the fictional character Guts.

No other characters even come close to matching him. Although we had never seen him completely give up, he did require another person’s words to direct him along the new route. The Berserk Chapter 372 will be significant because, in addition to Guts experiencing an episode and ascending to reach the ray of hope.

we might also learn the motivation for Griffith’s desire to deal with Guts given that he controls the entire country. The new arc, which is likely to center on the country of Falconia, will also start with Berserk Chapter 372, so let’s get into more depth about that chapter now.

Release Date for Berserk Chapter 372

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 372 has not yet received a new announcement regarding its release. We have no idea when Berserk Chapter 372 will be released, as the series has historically struggled to publish new chapters. Early January or the beginning of February is the earliest we can anticipate the chapter to be published.

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Berserk Chapter 372 Story

I have a feeling that Griffith and the Falconia nation will continue to evolve in the next chapter, as we have been hoping they would for a very long time. The most recent chapter also revealed the existence of another intimidating-looking general in Griffith’s army; maybe, the following chapter will reveal more about them.

Sonya, who is envious of Casca, will likely inquire as to Griffith’s motivation for bringing her if there is genuinely no other explanation. If there is a cause, we can anticipate finding out about it in Berserk Chapter 372. However, I believe that Griffith’s motivation is his desire to become even stronger.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

As a result, he kidnaps Casca since he knows Guts will go looking for him and will once more push him to his breaking point, something that no other demon or entity has been able to do. We can also hope to meet Guts in the following chapter and see how he responds to the challenge of saving Casca by traveling to Falconia. Sadly, these are just speculative, so be skeptical of them.

Berserk Chapter 372 Cast

We have provided all the information that is available in relation to the Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date. The cast of this series characters will be listed below.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

  • Guts
  • Griffith
  • Casca
  • Judeau
  • Pippin
  • Corkus
  • Rickert
  • Gaston
  • Puck
  • Farnese de Vandimion
  • Serpico
  • Isidro
  • Schierke
  • Ivalera
  • Manifico de Vandimion
  • Azan
  • Roderick of Schtauffen
  • Isma
  • The God Hand

Where to Read Berserk Chapter 372?


The only authorized way to read the new chapters of Berserk is to purchase the most recent collection online from Dark Horse Comics. The volumes are available for purchase in both physical and digital forms. While Berserk’s most recent issues are available in many manga-focused retailers, so if you can find one, consider yourself lucky.

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