How Visual Effects(vfx) in Games are Made?


Vfx development services is the process of applying visual effects to a game, usually in a digital or computer form. Vfx in the game industry often refer to special effects such as explosions, animations, and screen transitions. Video games that have vfx are often set in alternate realities with its own rules and settings. These video games may be violent such as M-rated games or nonviolent such as E-rated video games. Video game vfx teams can also be hired by other companies like movies and TV shows when they need some extra help on their projects while they are being produced.

How visual effects(vfx) in games are made?

Below are some of the different ways which vfx in video games are made.

1. Pre-visualization

Visual effects can be created before a game is fully developed. Pre-visualization involves communicating with the game’s developers and artists to come up with ideas and to show what they are planning in their game. Pre-visualization is used primarily for creating concepts that have clear direction, but it can also be used to create a chance for directors and other creative personnel to look at the final product without having the restrictions of production deadlines.

2. Modeling & Texturing

This is the process of taking a pre-existing 3D model and converting it into a 2D (flat) image file for use in the video game. Modeling involves creating models and textures for the game to be used in the creation of textures and models together. The texture is the picture that is applied to the model for making it more realistic and gives it an extra dimension.

3. Animation

Animators use techniques such as key framing, interpolation, and inverse kinematics to create the illusion of fluid movement of objects and characters within the game. For example, in a fighting game, animators would take a character’s movements in one frame (an image) and convert them into a sequence of images that display the movements in between each frame. This sequence can be used when developing fighting games to simulate motion from one point to another on screen using animation.

4. Rendering

Rendering is the process of creating a final image or sequence of images from a photographic, animated, or computed source. Rendered images are typically stored as either bitmap images or procedural textures. Each pixel of an image is given certain attributes based on the type of lighting used in the scene. These attributes include the coordinates of the pixel in 3D space, the color and intensity of light shining on it, its camera view and depth (Z-coordinate), among others. Using this information, images are then displayed using a computer monitor/television or printed using a printer as static 2D images for film posters and other purposes.

5. Post-production

This is the process of fine-tuning a game after it has been released. This is most often done to the aspect ratio, and can include replacing the music or sounds. Some games have received adjustments to make things easier for gamers who are colorblind or hearing impaired. The post-production phase is usually done without the help of the original developpers.

Benefits of video game vfx

1. Improved Design

The combination of art and science used in vfx development services has made it easier for developers to create accurate designs. This has resulted in brands and companies taking advantage of the vfx services to develop realistic designs.

2. Improved Designs & Visuals

Video games that have been produced using vfx have created a more enriched visual experience for gamers. Vfx development services help to make sure that the video game they are developing has enhanced graphics and designs, thus making the video game more appealing to consumers. With the use of better technology including computers, developers are able to create realistic models, textures, animations, lighting effects, and movements within their computer games.

3. Enhanced Marketing

With the use of vfx development services, developers are able to create more realistic and life-like characters for their video games. This makes it easier for them to market the video game to consumers, thus making it possible for the developer to make a profit from his/her product.

4. Innovation in Game Development

The use of vfx development services has enabled developers to come up with new ways of doing things with their software. Designers are able to take into consideration many similarities between real-life and video game environments. This has enabled them to take ideas that they developed while doing research in the lab or during a class project and apply them into their video games.

5. Job Security

With the use of vfx development services, developers are able to hire more people to work on their video game projects. This has resulted in a larger number of people being hired to work at video game studios and companies

6. Improved Quality and Reliability

The use of vfx development services has enabled developers to make their software more reliable and longer-lasting so that a game can be played for longer periods of time without having parts failing or giving out on the user. This means that you will have more fun playing your games compared to playing them when they have bugs in it that cause it not to load or do something unpredictable and annoying rather than fun.

7. Rewarding

Video game vfx development services have enabled developers to make more money due to the fact that they are able to sell more copies of their video game. This means that they are able to make a larger profit and therefore can pay their staff more money.

8. Easier Development

Vfx development services have allowed developers to not have to worry about creating their own models, textures, and animations. They are able to focus on the main aspects of video game development such as plot, storyline, screen adaptation and others.


Vfx development services are used by developers to ensure that they are able to create high-quality video games. These services allow developers to focus on the main aspects of their video game, such as plot, storyline, screen adaptation and others. They also enable them to market their video game more effectively and make more money in the process. Vfx services are also used by larger companies such as Sony and Microsoft to help with their computer software that they develop for their systems such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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