Is Crystal Bernard Secretly Married to Peter Cetera? Is It True or Not?

Is Crystal Bernard Secretly Married to Peter Cetera?

Bernard was born to Southern Baptist parents in Garland, Texas, in his early years. Jerry Wayne Bernard, a televangelist who traversed the country preaching and singing, was her father. Although Gaylon Bernard was a teacher before becoming an artist and sculptor in the 1980s, With the help of her older sister Robyn, who is an actor, Bernard started performing when she was just a young child.

The Monkey Song, from the album Feudin’ Fussin’ and Frettin’, was recorded when Crystal was eight years old and is taken from a 1972 sermon delivered by Jerry Falwell at the Thomas Road Baptist Church. It is one of the two recordings from those years that have survived. Scarlett and Angelique Bernard are her two younger sisters.

While growing up in Houston, Texas, Bernard studied acting at Alley Theatre. After graduating from Spring High School, she pursued a degree in acting and international relations at Baylor University.

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Acting and Singing Career of Crystal Bernard

The Young Doctors in Love, Grave Misconduct, and Welcome to Paradise actress shot to stardom after appearing in these films.

Similar to her character in Wings, who aspired to become a classical musician, she also pursued a musical career.


From a young age, Bernard was drawn to the world of music. Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard, her singer father, had an impact on her.

She collaborated with modern singers in the 1980s and 1990s and gained notoriety for her duet with Peter Cetera. Their 1995 single, “(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight,” became a hit in the modern music scene.

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Crystal Bernards’ Married Life

Crystal Bernard’s marital status is still unclear, however, there are enough rumors and hearsay to imply that she may have wed someone at some point after retiring, albeit there are few specifics. Although there is no evidence to support it, there is a rumor that she may have wed Peter Cetera, a longtime friend and fellow performer.


Whether Crystal Bernard is married or not is a private matter, and she has a right to it. But she was known to date while she was working. Grammy-winning musician Michael Shipley and later producer Tony Thomas have connections to her. These associations, meanwhile, appeared to have come to an end in the 1990s.

Additionally, she had previously dated Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio broadcaster. He is quite reasonable in his beliefs, she claimed on a talk show, and nothing like he is on the radio.

Is Peter Cetera Secretly Married to Crystal Bernard?


So, the answer to this question is still a mystery. Despite the fact that some people believe she is single, some say she is secretly married to popular artist Peter Cetera in a small ceremony.

Crystal Bernard: Current Status of Relationships

In 2018, it was not reported that Crystal Bernard was married, and there is no information available about her love life. Following her retirement from the film profession, she has kept her personal life fairly private.

Additionally, none of her social media posts indicate that she has recently been involved in a relationship.

Let’s wish her luck and watch for more information.

Tony Thomas will make you swoon!

Crystal moved on from her relationship with Michael and began dating actor and producer Tony Thomas. Unlike her prior affair, the pair stayed together for a very long time.

Tony Thomas and Crystal Bernard attending an event together

After several years of dating, the couple decided to call it quits because they did not see their relationship progressing in the correct path. Currently, Tony and Ann Souder are a happy couple. On the other hand, the media began associating Billy Dean and Rush Limbaugh, two radio personalities, with Bernard’s name.

Despite numerous media pairings, Crystal’s relationship remained ambiguous because she never made a commitment to either of them.

Does she have a Secret Husband?

Even now, Crystal’s relationship news draws numerous newspaper stories. The rumors that Bernard lived with her claimed spouse have been spreading like wildfire over the last few years.

Bernard now leads a private life away from the prying eyes of the public, but the information about her secret husband is big news in the business. According to rumours, Peter Cetera, who was her duet partner in 1995, is her hidden husband. Peter and Bernard haven’t yet come forth with more information about the rumor.