Where Is Jonathan Schmitz Now? Is Lives Private Life After Leaving Prison?

Jonathan Schmitz Where Is He Now

Trial By Media is a Netflix documentary series that looks at how several high-profile cases were affected by news coverage. What you need to know about what happened to individuals involved in the murder of Scott Amedure in the years after is covered in one of the episodes.

Jonathan Schmitz shot Scott Amedure twice in the chest, killing him three days after Scott Amedure identified Schmitz as his admirer during a recording of The Jenny Jones Show. He admitted to killing Scott when he dialed 911.

Jonathan said, “Because he played a really fucking bad thing on me,” when the 911 operator asked him why he had done it. He rode Jenny Jones with me. Trial By Media on Netflix features the shooting and the ensuing trial in its first episode.

Where Is Jonathan Schmitz Now?

Trial By Media, a new true-crime documentary on Netflix, focuses on the murder of Scott Amedure in its first installment. The episode, titled “Talk Show Murder,” looked at what happened to the individuals involved, including the admitted murderer Jonathan Schmitz.


The peculiar case was centered on the fact that the two had met on The Jenny Jones Program, a well-known American talk show. The American talk program, which ran from 1991 to 2003, was renowned for asking people to appear and share their stories.

Amedure and Schmitz both appeared as guests on the program on March 6, 1995, for an episode titled Same Sex Secret Crushes, according to the trial video. Amedure proclaimed his love to Schmitz throughout the program, surprising Schmitz, who believed he was on the show to win back his ex-girlfriend.

Jonathan Schmitz Where Is He Now

Three days after the recording, Schmitz confronted Amedure at his house after getting a flirtatious note that Schmitz thought was from him. He was instantaneously killed by two shots from Schmitz before he turned himself into the police and admitted to the murder.

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What Did Jonathan Schmitz Do?

The victim was a devoted and ardent fan of The Jenny Jones Show, according to Scott Amedure’s brother Fred Amedure, who made an appearance on Trial By Media. Scott Amedure made the decision to publicly confess his affections for his next-door neighbor Jonathan Schmitz after learning that the show will have a piece about confessing a same-sex crush on an unaware individual.

Jonathan Schmitz Where Is He Now

Scott Amedure was questioned by Jenny Jones about a fantasy he planned to realize with Schmitz before Schmitz was revealed. The detailed account was then examined on Trial By Media, and several contributors thought Jones’ inquiries were excessive.

Later, he asserted that the producers had made a suggestion that the subject of the crush was a female. Additionally, he claimed that he thought an ex-girlfriend wanted to make things right with him.

Jonathan Lives Private Life After Leaving Prison in 2017

Attorneys for Jonathan did not deny that their client shot Scott Amedure. They claimed that Scott’s purported impaired mental ability made his crime qualify as manslaughter. The defense claimed that Jonathan was not aware of the effects of his acts because of his manic depression and Graves’ condition.


They also claimed that the creators of the show ambushed him, worsening his mental state.

In addition to admitting that he had a crush on Jonathan, Scott described his many sex dreams about Schmitz. Throughout the recording, Jonathan joked and grinned, but he did so to mask his discomfort.

He was concerned that his homophobic father and the general public would mistake him for being gay.

He said that it could be simpler if Schmitz were an elderly, gray-haired man. Frank continued, “But I can relate to Scott because my brother doesn’t have as much to do as he has.

Jonathan Schmitz Where Is He Now

However, there is a part of us that does feel he was victimized in all of this—at least myself and possibly some of my family members—and we can relate to that.

Since being released, Jonathan Schmitz has embraced a private life. In July 2021, he turned 51.

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Is Jonathan Schmitz Married?

Since leaving prison in 2017, Jonathan has maintained his privacy in regard to his personal life. The identity of Jonathan Schmitz’s wife and his marital status is so unknown. Now you know the answer to the question, “What happened to Jonathan Schmitz?” The details mentioned above provide a detailed account of what happened between him and Scott.

The dangers he faced in terms of the law and his release. He is a British YouTube gamer who, while playing, garnered a wide audience.

But regrettably, he stopped speaking in 2017, leaving his pals to wonder why.


The YouTuber said on Facebook that he was taking some time off to revamp his channel and focus on his personal life. Later, it was discovered that he had been dealing with a health issue. He was so stressed out trying to manage everything that he had trouble breathing when he tried to sleep at night.