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Who among the Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Couples Is Still Together? Seb and Kayla to Jawahir and Nick

Who among the Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Couples Is Still Together? Seb and Kayla to Jawahir and Nick

We finally know which couples from season four of Too Hot to Handle are still together, and if I’m being completely honest, it’s the exact opposite of what I expected. This season was shot a long time before it came out on Netflix, so the actors have had to keep quiet about what they’ve been doing since.

But now that all the episodes have been released and some time has passed, the spoilers are here.

Some of the last couples have been together for a long time, but others only dated for a short time before breaking up. So, what couples from season four of Too Hot to Handle are still together? Let’s find out.

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Kayla and Seb from Too Hot To Handle are still dating.

In spite of the fact that Kayla and Seb certainly lost the most money on THTH as a result of their sexy activities, they were able to adhere to Lana’s rules up until the final after their massive shower rule violation.

They didn’t take home the prize, but Lana still chose them to be finalists. Despite that, they made things official and started dating.

Sadly, the couple announced their separation in an updated broadcast on Netflix’s YouTube after the series ended.

After the program, Seb and Kayla started dating for a few months, and Kayla even made the trip to visit Seb in his home country of Scotland. However, in the end, the distance between them proved to be too much for them.

The long distance grew really challenging for us both, which was, it was always a dread, said Kayla, adding, “It was a lot, all at once.”

But as Seb continued, “I’m still very much in love with her, we didn’t completely rule out the possibility of another chance at love in the future. We have a sufficient number of shared memories to carry on.”

I’m hoping we can try again soon,” Kayla said.

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Are Nick and Jawahir from Too Hot To Handle still dating?

As a result of their castmates’ votes, Jawahir and Nick emerged as one of season 4’s most formidable couples and even went on to win the cash prize!

Through Lana’s challenges in the retreat, including Jawahir choosing Nick over new model competitor Shawn for a date night, they remained close.

Everyone wants to know if they’re still going strong. Sadly, no.

Despite traveling and even living together after the show, Jawahir informed that they parted ways because both of them were concentrating on their jobs.

“It’s been fantastic,” she remarked, “living together in London after the show, traveling together to the US, Bali, and other places. We got to know each other while living together for seven months, doing tons of exciting things like hiking mountains in Bali and kayaking in Lake Michigan. We also continued our path toward forging a sincere connection.

“Unfortunately, things came to an end since Nick is concentrating on his music career and I’m attempting to break into acting while focusing on my modeling profession.

While I continue to travel to pursue my goals, Nick must be in the US for his music.

Nick continued by expressing his enjoyment of seeing their adventure on THTH and that they even used some of the prize money to vacation together.

Are James and Brittan still dating after Too Hot To Handle?

From the beginning of Too Hot To Handle season 4, Brittan and James were attracted to one another. However, James alienated Brittan when he grew preoccupied with the shrinking prize money rather than getting to know her and showing her affection.

When they were about to return home to Hawaii, where they both reside, Brittany asked James if he wanted to be with her.

When Brittany said, “I’m really into you and I really appreciate what we have,” James responded, “There’s only been one person the entire time, and I’m sitting with her right now.” When Lana gave the duo the all-clear, they had their first kiss.

So, do they remain a couple? Yes! Brittan and James discussed how they originally took a break after leaving the show in a new video interview that was shared with the entire cast yesterday [28 December] on Too Hot To Handle’s Instagram.

James said, “When we got back from Too Hot To Handle, Brittan and I took a little bit of a break.

After moving to Los Angeles after their stint on the show, the couple continued by announcing that they are now dating.”James and I are still in the dating phase,” Brittan declared.

It feels nice to say that, James continued.

Creed and Flavia from Too Hot To Handle are still dating.

Due to her delayed arrival, Creed and Flavia had a Too Hot To Handle journey that was anything but smooth. When Flavia showed up at the villa, Creed ended their relationship with Sophie, a 22-year-old from London, in favor of her.

After the arrival of Imogen, another bombshell who Creed was also getting to know, the two found themselves in a small love triangle.

Now, where are the two? Flavia said to Creed, “I don’t know why you’d play with my feelings like that,” after Lana disclosed what he was up to, and then Lana ordered Creed to leave the retreat right once.

Since then, Nigel, Seb, and Flavia have shared several Instagram Stories from London’s Winter Wonderland [12 December] together with Creed and Nigel. So it appears that at least these two could become pals!

Speaking on the reunion video, Creed disclosed that he is currently unmarried and running a tech company.

Flavia has acknowledged that she has a new relationship but hasn’t yet announced who it is with.

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