Kimbella Complete Transformation Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kimbella Complete Transformation Before and After Plastic Surgery

Famous before-surgery pictures of Kimbella Matos exist. Aside from modeling for Onlyfans, Kimbella Matos, an American, also works as a presenter and marketing influencer. In Love & Hip Hop: New York’s second season, Kimbella plays a big part.

She made a number of cameos on the show before returning as a main character in the seventh season. During the ninth and tenth seasons, she had a pivotal role in the cast. Model Kimbella is a well-known personality among Instagram and Tik Tok followers. Her stunning photos have garnered the majority of attention.

In Moriece’s “Nude” music video, Kimbella also made a cameo. At the start of 2022, rumors about Kimbella’s relationship with the rapper Safaree Samuels began to circulate, which led to her becoming well-known.

Kimbella Matos, Before And After Surgery

Kimbella Matos, a real-life personality, recently got a full surgical makeover and posted her findings online. She made the trip to Colombia for her transformation and told her Instagram fans about it.

Kimbella acknowledged having cosmetic operations for her face, including Botox and facials. Kimbella enthusiastically yelled out her cosmetic nurse in a little Vlog that she shared on Instagram.

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On the operating table during her surgery, reality TV star Kimbella uploaded a live video. Kimbella, a 37-year-old woman, appears to have had liposuction close to her stomach, where her doctor predicted she would develop abs.

The Love and Hip Hop, New York diva had her bottom fattened up and her breasts expanded. Because she also had a belly tuck, several people assumed she had cosmetic surgery on her nose.

Who is Kimbella Matos In real life? Childhood and Her Parents?

In the Dominican Republic, on April 15, 1996, Kimbella Matos was born in Santo Domingo. Kimbella Vanderhee is who she actually identifies as.

Her parents were Afro-Americans when she was born, but she made no mention of this. Matos’ horoscope indicates an Aries. She is religiously observant. Her parents are never identified in any of Kimbella’s postings or other media.


We suspect that because she is a native of Santo Domingo, she may have completed her education in this city. But nowadays, she enjoys sharing her educational background and recollections from college.

She was hired as a club dancer by Ace in New York. Kimbella Matos, who makes all of her money from her work as an adult model, has meticulously scrutinized every aspect of her line of work.

There has just been one response on her Instagram photo, from Dr. Gebal Matos. He appears to be a Kimbella family member and relative.

He is a board-certified plastic surgeon, as is shown on Dr. Gebal Matos’ Instagram page. There’s a chance that Dr. Gebal Matos performed every plastic surgery treatment on Kimbella.

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Whether Kimbella Matos is dating anyone Is unknown?

She revealed her relationship status to the entire nation of America after a private video of Safaree Samuel and Kimbella Matos was posted online.

Kimbella Complete Transformation Before and After Plastic Surgery

At the beginning of 2022, Safaree and Kimbella made their relationship known. They may or may not be married, though.

Before her operation, Kimbella Matos

Safaree dated American singer Nicki Minaj from 2000 until 2014 before starting a relationship with Kimbella. Later, in 2019, he wed television star Erica Mina; they later divorced in 2022.

Safaree has two children with a former partner. Samantha Samuels and Shamika Samuels are the names of his two children. The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” reality series on VH1 helped make Kimbella’s boyfriend famous.

The third kid that Kimbella and reality star Juelz Santana had together was just born. During his 2019 prison term, Juelz also bragged about his physique.