Is Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date Arriving in January 2023?

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

Sweet Home is a South Korean streaming television series about post-apocalyptic horror that is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan. The executive producing the program is Kim Young-kyu. On December 18, 2020, the first season of this South Korean television series was made available on Netflix.

It peaked at number three and became the first Netflix original South Korean series to reach the American Top 10 list. Later on, it claimed to be first in eight global regions and to be in the top ten in forty-two. Ten different episodes have made up the whole thing.

The first four weeks after its debut, the show got overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers and debuted in more than 70 countries top 10 Netflix lists. The show’s creators decided to order two more seasons in light of this. If you want to learn more, keep reading the article.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

According to a visual teaser released by Netflix, Sweet Home was officially renewed for seasons 2 (and 3!) in June 2022. The long-awaited Sweet Home season 2 will make its international debut in the fourth quarter of 2023, the streaming service said on January 17.

You shouldn’t anticipate an official release date for Season 2 of Sweet Home anytime soon, but we’ll keep you informed here on as soon as the streamer confirms a release date. Sweet Home was just renewed by Netflix for two more seasons earlier this year.

Sweet Home Season 2 Plot

In Season 2 of Sweet Home, we can witness Sang-Wook and Yu-ri getting closer. Sang-Wook was discovered in the pool dead, although it’s unclear if he had the ability to change into a monster. Furthermore, it is unclear how the military would protect the last few survivors from monsters.

Also addressed in the upcoming season will be how powerful Cha Hyun-soo manages to survive. Does Lee Eun-hyuk, a medical student, still exist? Under the rubble of the apartment building, Lee Eun-hyuk was buried in Sweet Home. The last survivors risk turning into monsters, but can the military stop them?

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

After our main character, Hyun-soo (Song Kang) was captured by the military and the final survivors of Green Home narrowly escaped at the end of season 1, the future season of Sweet Home would reportedly take place in new locations. Hyun-soo and Sang-Wook (Lee Jin-Wook) can be seen in a brand-new still interacting in the lobby of a building that has never before been seen in the series.

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Sweet Home Season 2 Cast

According to Lee’s announcement, “Season 2 will have a new setting.” I think that in Season 2, we’ll be able to perfect the technical details that we weren’t able to accomplish in Season 1. Sung Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, Lee Eugene, Lee Si-Young, Go Min-si, Park Gyu-Young, and many others make up the cast.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

Character Name Portrays By
Song Kang Cha Hyun-soo
Lee Jin-Wook Pyeon Sang-Wook
Lee Si-young Seo Yi-Kyung
Go Min-si Lee Eun-Yoo
Park Gyu-young Yoon Ji-soo
Go Yoon-Jung Park Yoo-Ri
Kim Sang-ho Han Du-sik
Kim Guk-Hee Son Hye-In

Sweet Home: A Review of Season 2

Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang) and several of his neighbors came together in Season 1 to face off against perilous creatures intent on destroying civilization. Throughout the first season’s 10 episodes, the heroes of Sweet Home must choose between working together or on their own, which leads to significant character growth and storyline twists.

In contrast to Sang Wook (Lee Jin Wook), who arrived with his burn wounds healed, Hyun Soo (who had just about managed to escape the Green Home) was apprehended by the military. The tension that was started in the first season is anticipated to be expanded in Season 2.

Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date

However, major spoilers will not be discussed. According to Lee’s announcement, “Season 2 will have a new setting.” I think that in Season 2, we’ll be able to perfect the technical details that we weren’t able to accomplish in Season 1.

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Sweet Home Season 2 Trailer

No, the authorized trailer has not yet been released. The Sweet Home season 2 teaser, which is available to view below, was recently released by Netflix.