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The Reality-Horror Series ’28 Days’ Haunted: Is It Real or Fake?

The Reality-Horror Series 28 Days Haunted Is It Real or Fake?

Is the reality horror series 28 Days Haunted on Netflix fake or real, which has sparked a lot of online debate? We look into both scenarios. Spoilers could be found in this article.

It is undeniable that true-life paranormal TV shows have a fan base. It’s not surprising that Netflix would adopt the format, tweak it, and then present it to their audience because there have been a ton of these kinds of shows from all over the world that show grainy black and white clips of cryptids and shadow people or so-called investigators entering allegedly haunted buildings in the hope of communicating with the dead. However, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is it real?

What’s the Story Behind 28 Days Haunted?

This argument’s basic premise is thus. Taken blindfolded to three different places and required to stay there for 28 days are three teams of paranormal investigators. The 28-day time restriction is intended to support the assertions of Ed and Lorraine Warren, stars of the film The Conjuring, who said that 28 days was the ideal amount of time for thoroughly investigating hauntings.

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Teams must perform research to learn the location’s secrets after being provided no information about the accommodations they will be staying in. In order to record everything that happens, they are both independently monitored and equipped.

The notion that 28 Days Haunted is a hoax is simple to accept. The method that these programs are really produced and edited is what causes them to be problematic. If you accept what you observe at its value, you would have to concede that these haunted houses actually do have ghosts.

The Reality-Horror Program 28 Days Haunted Is It Fake?

However, I would contend that there is always a chance that everything that occurs in the six episodes could be fabricated or added in post-production. Let’s face it: a true-life haunting series that has 6 episodes and a production charge on it is a failure if not much happens in them. As a result, the temptation to add effects and sound in posts must be great.

The sound mix is clearly in favor of accentuating any crash or bang a number of times, especially in the final episodes. For an audience that has tuned in to be afraid, it must be the simplest thing in the world to make footage scarier. We all know the power of meticulous editing and how much a piece of film can be changed to change the original tone.

It should be emphasized that the investigators frequently use night vision cameras in purportedly haunted places, so they are already on high alert. If they respond to something on camera, it is really simple for the editors to insert a loud bang effect and have it appear as though they are responding to that impact.

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Could 28 Days Haunted Be True? and If So, How?

This is contentious. Yes, this program may be displaying psychics with a connection to the afterlife and true paranormal phenomena if you accept everything you see on film as the truth. It does demand that the audience trust all they have seen and accept the happenings as absolutely factual, but if you believe in the supernatural, then yes, everything will seem real to you.

There is no doubt that the locations picked all have horrifying and horrific past events connected to them, so if there are going to be ghosts or evil spirits, then these are the most likely places you would find them.

When combined with the 28-day cycle that The Warrens have documented as the most effective way of investigating these places, it would be easy to see why people would want to believe in the events they witness in the show. Could 28 Days Haunted be true? Yes, without a doubt, but only if you choose to believe.

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