Addicted to Android? Here’s How to Make the Most Of Your Device


For many of us, our Android devices are an important part of our existence, helping everything to run smoother, from our social lives to our work commitments. But there are loads of ‘hidden’ features, tools, and capabilities inherent in our digital Android companions that even the most ardent Android fan may not be aware of.

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Here are the clever things your device can do that you’re going to want to try out as soon as possible!

Migrate Your Contacts

Switching between devices to access your contacts is annoying and – fortunately – unnecessary with this Android hack! You can migrate all of your Android contacts to Google by simply linking accounts – although it’s important to note that contact details kept on a phone’s local storage,

rather than in the Cloud, won’t be accessible to other devices and can’t, therefore, be migrated.

To find out more about how this works in practice and whether this is a feature available on the specific Android device you’re considering upgrading to, contact the relevant cell phone companies to get the information you need.

Get on Board with an App Launcher

Boost productivity and save time and hassle by downloading an app launcher onto your device – there are free versions available of this handy tool that, once you’ve installed, you’ll wonder how you lived without!

Most launchers will let you customize shortcuts to a variety of apps, so you’ll no longer need to go through different home screens to access the app you want.

Try the Digital Wellbeing Tools

Did you know that your Android device features a range of tools to help ensure your usage isn’t negatively impacting your quality of life or sleep? Bedtime Mode, introduced with Android 11, is one of these tools: use it to set a designated time, after which your phone will be silenced, and the screen will switch to black-and-white to help prevent eye strain if you do need to continue working beyond this point.

Focus mode is another of the incorporated well-being tools, which silences the noisy notifications of certain apps, while you can use the Work Profile settings to hide all your productivity apps when it’s time to wind down.

Access the Files on Your PC Remotely

Use Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop app to access the files on your desktop from your Android device, wherever you happen to be: no more stress of getting to work and discovering that you’ve left an important document needed for a meeting on your PC at home.

To bring this on board, all you need to do is install the app and activate the companion extension for your PC’s Chrome browser. Once this is done, you’ll be able to move items around, browse files, and run programs, as well as access whatever you need for that meeting.

Plug a Mouse into Your Android Phone – Really?!

If the fact that a mouse can be connected to a mobile Android device is news to you, you’re not alone!

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You can plug a USB, Bluetooth, or wireless mouse into your phone easily.

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For a USB mouse, you’ll need to simply ensure you have the correct adaptor for the job.

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When it comes to Bluetooth mice, go into Quick Settings on your device and select Bluetooth. From here, click on Pair New Device and then make the mouse discoverable using the relevant instructions.

Finally, to use a wireless mouse, find the correct adapter and then simply connect the dongle (which comes with the mouse) to this adapter.

Move Content Between Apps

The Share command is a powerful and largely underused tool in the Android arsenal! This neat little command allows the user to quickly and easily pass content between various apps to help you make even better use of your device. How does it work? Tap the share command while viewing a photo in your phone’s gallery, for example, and you can send the image to a messaging app, a note-taking service, or directly to an image editing suite. The Share command works with text, too: simply highlight the text in a document, message, etc., and then send this snippet wherever you wish!

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Transfer Files Between Your Android Tablet and PC

Businesses, especially, would find it super useful to be able to transfer files back and forth between a tablet and PC – but many people don’t know that this is, in fact, possible! All you need to do is locate the Wifi File Transfer app on your tablet, and as long as the PC you want to transfer to is on the same network as your Android device, it’s a simple process. You can even transfer files from multiple devices with ease using this handy app.

Never Lose Your Android Device Again!

The thought of losing a device can send shivers up the spine of many users. But with this useful tool, there’s no need to fear – the feature can help you to locate an AWOL device on a map. And if you think your phone has been stolen, then the Find My service allows you to disable the device, wipe all information from it, and have it emit a noise.

Making the Most of Your Device Every Day

Why not try out one or more of the above tools and features today and see the difference this could make? You may be surprised at just how many ‘hidden’ or less well-known tools are available on your Android device that could help you stay on top of your day and keep things flowing smoothly.

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
Will is the Deputy Editor at EC The Hub. He previously worked as a content editor for EC The Hub and wrote articles on various topics including Entertainment, Celebrity, and  Technology News. He kick-started his career in journalism in 2013, after working for a few years as a Middle-school teacher. He is the Deputy Editor for EC The Hub for over three years now. Outside his professional work, he likes to watch movies and listen to music.

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