Best Mom Gifts for 2023 and Why You Should Make the Effort This Year


With Christmas behind us and a new year ahead, you should alter your gift-giving strategy. Perhaps you didn’t quite hit the spot with your present selection over the festive period; this can happen from time to time, in which case 2023 is a chance to up your game in a big way.

For some, the prospect of buying presents for friends, family and loved ones fills them with dread, often leading to poor choices, or, as is frequently the case, forgoing getting a present at all.

This is, of course, less of an issue on general festive occasions like Christmas but more of a sin when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries.

Of those that we often buy presents for, moms get the raw deal, with many sons and daughters being completely clueless about what to get and often failing to get anything at all.

Almost as a society as a whole, we criminally undervalue the role mothers play in our lives. Obviously, they are the main reason we are even here on this planet, and they often raised us and helped us to become the people we are today, but yet our relationship with them can often become strained, and we can become very complacent about our mothers, and that is sometimes reflected in the way we deal with special occasions.

Sure, we know that our mom will forgive us for forgetting their birthday or special anniversary date or some other key aspect of their lives; they do so because they no doubt understand that life sometimes gets in the way of such events.

However, we really do owe it to our collective moms to try a little harder in 2023. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some suggestions that should help get the ball rolling. We’ve compartmentalized the process to make it even easier for you by splitting the list of gifts according to the many different types of moms out there.

Hopefully, your mom fits into one of these categories or two.

The New Mom

When we think about getting presents for mothers, our minds instinctively think of our own mothers, but a mom, in this instance, could well be your wife or partner, who may have themselves become a new mother.

In this case, a gift, for whatever occasion or reason, would be gratefully received. We would suggest something that helps to encourage a feeling of warmth and relaxation, so perhaps a nice elegant and plush robe, which can be part of an overall gift set that could include scented candles and any other item that would make the idea of spending an hour ‘in the zone’ while relaxing in the bath the height of luxury. We’d heartily suggest this type of gift as opposed to one that is overtly related to her recent arrival; that way, the gift becomes more about them and less about her motherhood.

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The Proud Grandmother

Your mom may be thrilled to have recently become a grandmother and absolutely adores her grandchildren, in which case this can act as a cornerstone for an upcoming birthday present.

Why not surprise your mom with a personalized name necklace that spells out the name, or names, of her grandchildren? Custom-made jewelry is all the rage right now, and the market is at the peak of its powers right now; this means it’s easy to find a necklace that suits her perfectly.

The Active Mom

Perhaps your mom is one of those who goes out for a daily jog, is always in the pool, and is generally on the go. In which case, can we get her a pair of stylish Merino wool running shoes? These look great and are made from 100% recycled materials.

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They give great support and are super comfortable, and they look the epitome of high fashion; that way, she’ll impress her fellow moms on the morning run.

The Fashionable Mom

If your mother is always ahead of the fashion curve, she’d no doubt love to open a box that’s expertly gift-wrapped to reveal a stunning designer label bag; however, such a gift would set you back a considerable sum, so why not think more about trendy accessories?

With this in mind, she’d love a mohair-blend scarf, such as those made by Loewe. These are smart and dapper and won’t cost you the earth. Make sure the color you choose matches your mother’s personal style palette.

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The Mom Who Can’t Stop Traveling

Maybe your mom has had a new lease of life and can’t stop seeing the world but also likes her luxuries, and with this in mind, why not get her a mini espresso maker? This is a perfect portable item that can fit in her travel bag and means she can enjoy delicious espresso wherever in the world she may be, be that walking Las Ramblas in Barcelona or visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.

The Mom Who Loves to Cook

Does your mom still love to cook for you at every opportunity, even if you left home decades ago and can happily feed yourself? Perhaps your mom can’t get enough of trying new things in the kitchen, and you can use this as inspiration for a great gift.

Think about getting her a homepage pasta-making set. This comes with all the relevant apparatus needed for her to make perfect gnocchi, spaghetti, and any other type of pasta you can imagine. You can team it up with an Italian cookbook and then take a step back, retreat to the sofa and wait for an alluring meal to be produced.

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
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