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In American TV Series “the Righteous Gemstones,” Is Eli Gemstone Dead?

In American TV Series "the Righteous Gemstones," Is Eli Gemstone Dead?

The Righteous Gemstones’ sixth episode, “Never Avenge Yourselves, But Leave it to the Wrath,” from the second season, concluded dramatically: Was Eli Gemstone (John Goodman) actually killed by a gunshot? The “Cycle Ninjas”—mysterious black-clad assassins on bikes who, regrettably, use uzis, not blades—attacked the father of the evangelical powerhouse family.

Danny McBride’s Jesse Gemstone gave the organization this name. Eli was shot while operating a lone vehicle at night along a desolate road. He might have been left to die.

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Is Eli Gemstone Really Dead Now?

The response is No, as stated in episode seven, “And Infants Shall Rule Above Them.” He amazingly survived. The episode begins with Eli safe and sounds in a hospital, on a wing that his three occasionally irresponsible children hired out exclusively for him.

Eli is unconscious when the episode starts, and everyone is worried about his prognosis. In fact, the stress is so intense that Jesse, his wife Amber (Cassidy Freeman), his sister Judy (Edi Patterson), and her fiancé BJ (Tim Baltz), end up having a massive vomiting fit before the opening credits begin.

But who are the “Cycle Ninjas” exactly? It is still unclear. They initially appeared in episode four, “As to How they Might Destroy Him,” trying to murder Jesse and Amber but failing. Although Jesse seems to suspect Junior, it doesn’t seem likely.

We’ll undoubtedly discover a shocking reason as to why someone would seek to destroy the Gemstone family in the final two episodes. Alternatively, they might reserve that one for the recently approved third season.

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