Laura Prepon’s Plastic Surgery Before and After: What Cosmetic Procedures Did that 70s Show’s Star Receive?

Laura Prepon’s Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Treatments Did The That ’70s Show Star Have?

This American actress, Laura Prepon, first came to public attention for her portrayal of Donna Pinciotti on the Fox comedy series That ’70s Show. She has gained widespread renown for her performance as Alex Vause in Orange Is the New Black, a Netflix comedy-drama series.

In 2001, she starred in her first film, the indie drama Southlander. Some of the films she has been in are the thriller The Girl on the Train, the drama The Hero, and the romantic drama Come Early Morning.

She will be directing and making a special appearance on the That ’90s Show sequel series. Because of this development, she is now more widely known, and people are noticing how she has changed physically. There are now whispers about possible plastic surgery. In order to learn more about the plastic surgery that Laura Prepon has undergone, please keep reading!

Laura Prepon’s Plastic Surgery: Speculations of Botox, Nose Job, Cheek Implants, and Lip Fillers!

Simply by virtue of her status as a public figure, Laura Prepon (@lauraprepon) has sparked rumours that she has had plastic surgery. Actually, it has more to do with the fact that she was thrust into the limelight after it was announced that she would be directing That ’90s Show, a spinoff of That ’70s Show. Botox, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and lip fillers are all possibilities.

The way Laura Prepon looks now, allegations of plastic surgery were certain to surface at some point. She doesn’t look her age at all; she’s much too youthful and vibrant. That can’t happen unless it’s tweaked a little. The signs are there that she did, in fact, obtain some.

The actress clearly used Botox to achieve her current youthful appearance. She was showing signs of ageing, with wrinkles and creases appearing on her forehead and face. But now it’s as if all of the wrinkles and lines on her face have vanished. That is completely unnatural. Yes, she did receive Botox.


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A plastic surgeon says Laura Prepon looks like she’s had Botox in her brows to make her eyes look bigger and her forehead smoother.

The star of That ’70s Show also appears to have had rhinoplasty. There has been a noticeable improvement in the shape and overall appearance of her nose since yesterday. An authority on cosmetic surgery has noted that Laura appeared to have undergone some sort of refining. She appears to have lost some bulk in her nose’s tip and nostrils.

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Laura Prepon now has larger, rounder cheeks. Indeed, now more than ever before. People’s ageing shouldn’t look like that, yet it does. Because she has obviously had cheek enhancement surgery.

You can tell that she has had facial fillers, possibly Juvederm, Voluma, or Sceptre, in order to achieve a plumper, more uplifted appearance in her cheekbones. Dr David Bank claims that the injections make people appear younger.

In addition, fillers like Juvederm and Restylane have likely contributed to Laura Prepon’s plumper pout.

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How Laura Prepon Become Famous?

The Netflix spinoff of That ’70s Show, entitled That ’90s Show, will feature both returning cast members and newcomers and will be directed by Laura Prepon. Actress Kate Hudson made the announcement on Instagram.

In the original Fox series, she played a major role as Donna Pinciotti over the course of its eight seasons. As the focus of That ’70s Show was on Pinciotti’s romantic relationship with her neighbour Eric Forman, the focus of That ’90s Show will be on their adolescent daughter. An entirely new generation is the primary focus of the sequel.

Obviously, there will be cameos from the cast of “That ’70s Show.” You can see the actors who play Donna (Laura Prepon), Eric Forman (Topher Grace), Jackie (Mila Kunis), Michael (Ashton Kutcher), and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) in the trailer.