Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now in 2023? Is She Still In Prison?


The Dalia Dippolito case generated a lot of buzz for a long time due to both the nature of the crime and how the details of the case were revealed. After appearing on ABC 20/20 in an episode titled “Down payment on death,” it appears as if her story would once again be the talk of the town. Here is a brief summary of what happened in the case for those who are unfamiliar.

When she first met Michael Dippolito, Dippolito worked as an escort. They fell in love and married shortly after. When Dippolito was discovered to have hired a hitman to kill her husband, it became clear that it wasn’t all love on her end. Dippolito had no idea that the hitman she had hired was actually a police officer working undercover at the time.

In 2009, Dalia’s ex-lover Mohamed Fawzi Shihadeh gave the Boynton Beach police a tip that she was about to murder her husband. She was then caught on camera telling an undercover police officer masquerading as a hitman that she wanted her husband killed. The video, in which she declared: “I am already determined, was subsequently made public.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now?

Dalia Dippolito is currently incarcerated in Lowell Correctional Institution, close to Ocala, serving a 16-year sentence for soliciting the commission of first-degree murder. In July 2017, the decision was made. She gave birth to her baby in 2016, all the while being placed under house arrest.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now

Dippolito will be let out of prison in 2032. Her request for a new trial was recently denied by the US Supreme Court. The court did not provide a reason for rejecting the appeal, but it appears to be steadfast in its decision over the case’s outcome.

Greg Rosenfeld, Dippolito’s attorney, is nevertheless adamant about pressing the matter further until a satisfactory resolution is achieved. “We will continue to battle for Ms. Dippolito and contest these constitutional issues through state and federal habeas corpus petitions,” he declared.

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Court Trials and Verdicts

Dalia Dippolito was detained, but she remained adamantly innocent throughout the entire investigation. She received a 20-year prison term for soliciting first-degree murder in her 2011 initial trial. A court of appeals reversed it, though. She would then be granted another retrial as a result. 2016’s retrial ended with a 3-3 deadlocked jury.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now

She was sentenced to 16 years in jail in the third trial, despite the prosecution’s insistence that she get a 30-year prison term, and the jury found her guilty. The judge cited this as the rationale for his decision, saying that he took into account the time Dippolito had spent under house arrest before the verdict was rendered.

The entire case was surrounded by a number of claims, witnesses, and speculations. One was that Michael spits out the antifreeze that Dalia had accidentally mixed into his drink. Michael also testified at the trial that Dalia had put drugs in his car in order to get him arrested for breaking probationary conditions.

Convicted of fraud, Michael Dippolito was on probation when he met and wed Dalia. In order to wed her, he also got rid of his first wife. Since it had been previously decided that the anti-freeze testimony would not be utilized in court, the first mistrial was caused by the presentation of that testimony.

Where Is Dalia Dippolito Now

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Before her third trial in 2016, when she was placed under house arrest, Court Judge Glenn Kelley alleged that her interview with ABC’s “20/20” violated the terms of her house detention. As a result, she was no longer permitted to go to her lawyer’s office in Miami. The judge partially revoked her bond after learning that she went to the interview on the advice of her attorneys.

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