Is Gemma Owen Actually Broke-Up With Luca Bish? Everything About Their Breakup Announcement!

Are Gemma and Luca Still Together

Despite finishing in second place on Love Island 2022, Gemma and Luca have split up for good, telling their followers on Instagram. For those who need a refresher, the original islander Gemma Owen and Luca Bish were initially placed with separate Love Island participants (Davide Sanclimenti and Paige Thorne), but they soon recognized they had emotions for one another and got together in week three of the show.

Despite a few post-challenge disagreements and Luca’s issues with fellow candidate Tasha Ghouri, things for 19-year-old Gemma and 23-year-old Luca were mostly smooth sailing from that point on, and they went on to finish in second place in the final.

Are Gemma and Luca Still Together?

We now only have three Love Island 2022 couples left after Paige and Adam’s breakup, and Luca and Gemma Owen are the latest pair to fall out of love on the island. On November 16, Gemma posted a message on her Instagram story announcing their breakup, saying: “To all my followers.


I just wanted to let you know that Luca and I have broken up. and I am no longer in a relationship. Though it wasn’t an easy choice, this is ultimately what is best for both of us right now. Many of you have accompanied us on this trip from the beginning, and I want to express my gratitude for your support as we embark on new chapters.

I always love it. Gem.” A few hours later, Luca issued a statement of his own in which he stated: “Switched my phone back on after taking some time away to clear my head after an emotional afternoon to thousands of messages and news headlines about my breakup.”

I wish I had had some time to think about this in private, but as you are all aware, Gemma and I decided to part ways earlier today. We have traveled so far together, and I will always cherish the wonderful experiences we have had. I can’t express my gratitude to everyone enough for their support of our relationship both throughout and after Love Island, I continued.

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Are Gemma and Luca Still Together

We will continue to be close, and I hope the best for her. However, things have hopefully remained amicable as Luca assured fans they will remain “good friends” despite the fact that many fans felt that Luca’s statement implied he was unaware that Gemma was going to announce their breakup on that day, especially as he said, “I would have liked some time to process this privately.”

When Did Luca Ask Gemma to Be His Girlfriend?

Despite the split rumors, the couple made their relationship official after leaving the villa when Luca Bish proposed to Gemma in August. Contrary to many of their island neighbors, the pair opted to delay being exclusive until they were outside the villa. While this was a terrific decision, it did require Luca to step up his game when it came to proposing the crucial question.


We’re glad to report that he stepped up and showed Gem a very beautiful gesture. Luca shared the joyful moment on his Instagram Reels, definitely going all out. The video showed him escorting Gemma to a pool where there were balloons floating on the water that said, “Be my girlfriend.” The corridor was decorated with red roses and candles.

Oh, and did we mention that a cellist was performing? Gemma muttered “Oh my God” before hugging him, showing how happy she was. Then, lucky girl, he gave her a Cartier purse! He assisted her in putting on the gold bracelet that was inside before the two locked lips.

Did Luca Met Gemma’s Dad?

After flying out to visit Gemma at the family’s Quinta Do Lago house, Luca finally got to meet Gemma’s well-known footballer father. Their initial meeting seemed to have gone well, as Gemma described it in detail on Capital Breakfast. It was really beautiful, she said.

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Are Gemma and Luca Still Together

We had a four-day vacation, which included some content and downtime, but it was also a great opportunity for him to meet new people. They all get along great, and it was adorable to see how he interacted with my siblings as well.

The two have shared many tender moments like these since coming back to the UK, with Luca even getting to watch Gemma demonstrate her dressage prowess. They have even hinted at moving in together at some point, but since they have only recently started dating, we won’t hold our breath for that to happen any time soon.

What Happens To Gemma and Luca Next?

Knowing that they are no longer together, the only couples left standing after the 2022 season are Dami and Indiyah, Ekin-Su and Davide, and Tasha and Andrew. Despite becoming independent, they still have promising futures because of their reality TV tenure.


Their professional lives are going swimmingly, with Gemma signing a mind-blowing six-figure deal to represent Pretty Little Thing as their newest brand ambassador.
According to Gemma, who spoke candidly about the transaction with Mail Online (opens in new tab), “This really is a dream come true for me.

Being named as one of their newest ambassadors alongside some fantastic talent, including Love Island alumni, is extremely wonderful. I wore PrettyLittleThing during my time on the program. I’m eager to get to work and begin creating some collections for you all because the staff has been wonderful.

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We’ll just have to wait and see what she has in store for us. Maybe we’ll even get a set of Gemma’s well-known sunglasses. Women can dream. Regarding Luca, he recently collaborated with the London-based brand Prevu on a style edit, and there will probably be more to come!