What Age Was Beyoncé when She Started Dating Jay-Z?

What Age Was Beyoncé when She Started Dating Jay-Z?

Age is only a number for Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They are both superstars, but when they work together, they nearly look unstoppable. The bond between the couple has lasted a long time and only appears to become better with time.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to live private lives despite being some of the most famous musicians in the world. As the couple’s reputation grows over time, their seclusion just gets more and more private. Fans will occasionally get a look into the couple’s personalities from interviews or social media posts, though.

Beyoncé discussed the significance of Jay-Z in her life in a 2013 interview with Oprah.

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She uttered, “Without the man I go home to, I would not be the woman I am today.

It really provides me with such a solid base.” Beyoncé said that since they were friends before they started dating, that foundation was able to be established. She uttered, “He has benefited me on a variety of levels, and it’s crucial to have someone you enjoy being around. and a trustworthy individual.” The “Cuff It” singer even claimed that Jay-Z makes her a better person, and vice versa for him.

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18-Year-Old Beyoncé First Met Jay-Z.

When they first met, Bey and Jay had already made a name for themselves in the music business.

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At the MTV Spring Break festival in Cancun in 2000, the couple got to know each other. When Beyoncé joined Destiny’s Child, she was only 18 years old, while Jay-Z, who was then 30 years old, was revolutionizing the rap scene.


Jay-Z rapped about first meeting the singer and claiming it was fate in the song “713” from their collaborative album Everything Is Love with Beyoncé.

He rapped, referring to the flight home from the festival where they were seated next to each other: “We played it cool at the pool of the Cancun, VMA / Confidence you exude make the fools stay away / Me, I played my room, let the fools have they say / Fate had me sittin’ next to you on the plane / And I knew straight away.”

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Until Two Years Later, the Couple Had Not Been Dating.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z had a great first date, but because the singer was still in a relationship with her first boyfriend at the time, they didn’t develop a romantic relationship.

Beyoncé nevertheless made an effort to call Jay-Z even if she wasn’t available at that moment. The singer mentioned such phone chats in a 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey as being crucial to the development of their friendship.

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Before going on any dates, “we were friends initially for a year and a half,” she remarked. “The foundation of our friendship was built over the course of a year and a half of phone conversations. It’s crucial to have an honest friend as well as a simple liker.

The rapper Jay-Z admitted in the song “713” that he flubbed their first date when Beyoncé and he didn’t go out until she was 20 years old.

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He rhymed, “You came back, I let you select the date, Nobu on the plate / I took my dude to play it cool, my first stupid mistake.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t the ideal first date, Beyoncé still fell in love with Jay-Z, and soon after, they started dating in a serious way.

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé Started Dating Shortly After.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z delayed announcing their union to the public for a number of years, in contrast to the majority of famous couples who announce their union as soon as they become exclusive.


Bey and Jay didn’t officially acknowledge their relationship until they walked the red carpet together at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2004 despite fans’ rumors to the contrary.

After then, Beyoncé and Jay-Z frequently appeared together, whether they were performing together, attending red-carpet events, or just traveling.