Swaggersouls Done Face Reveal in 2023! Here’s What We Know About YouTuber?

Swaggersouls Face Reveal

Known for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and VRChat videos, SwaggerSouls (actual name Eric Vivian Matthews) is a YouTuber, comedian, and gamer. His avatar, who sports a medieval war helmet, is also well-recognized. He rose to fame as a result of his YouTube channel, where he primarily posts news updates, live-action skits, and gameplay videos.

SwaggerSouls, a former military member stationed in Idaho, founded his channel in May 2015 and began creating content about a year later. Since then, he has accumulated millions of views and more than 4.5 million channel subscribers. “Casual Shoutcasting! | CSGO,” Swagger’s debut video, was published on April 18, 2016.

He currently collaborates with a large number of people outside of the Misfits group, including CallMeCarson. Even on Ludwig’s Twitch Jeopardy, he took part with Traves on his team, and they bested two reigning champions in Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants. He is currently a subscriber to SMP Live.

Swaggersouls Face Reveal

(Eric Vivian Matthews) Swaggersouls has not revealed the identity of his face as of 2022. In order to protect my personal safety, I always wear a knight’s helmet, He declared. A face reveal was part of his one million subscriber special that was published in 2018 by him.

Swaggersouls Face Reveal

He said, “One of the faces depicted is mine, or is it?” as he displayed a number of persons in this video with his signature jacket and chainmail hair. Likewise, “The time has come for me to remove my helmet, yet certain things are simply better off unknown.”

Despite having such a large fanbase, SwaggerSouls mentions in a Misfits podcast that he wishes to remain nameless and so wears a helmet or mask. Meeting people who don’t recognize him and treat him normally gives him pleasure.

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Swaggersouls Face Reveal

He only ever makes appearances online donning a face mask or helmet, typically a chainmail mask or a helmet in the medieval style. As a result, no information about Swaggersouls Face Reveal is currently available.

Who Is Swaggersouls?

Much to the dismay of his admirers, American gaming YouTuber Swaggersouls never shows his face online. His birthday is February 24, 1988. He co-hosts the well-known podcast Misfits with his co-hosts, with whom he now lives in Australia, and has over four million YouTube subscribers.

Swaggersouls posted on his birthday, “Can’t believe I’m 34 already.” The YouTuber is single, then? The YouTuber was allegedly dating HeyImBee at one point, but the allegation was never proven. Everyone can clearly see how popular it is on social media.

Swaggersouls Face Reveal

A sizable number of people follow him on the social media sites where he has been active. As of right now, he has more than 248,000 followers on Twitch, over 358,000 on Instagram, and 533,000 on Twitter. There aren’t many people who follow her on Facebook. This is so he may use his real name and only occasionally post his movies there.

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Swaggersouls Face Reveal on Twitter

On a few occasions, SwaggerSouls has utilized face reveals to prank people online. For example, he once tweeted a face reveal followed by a Rickroll movie, and in 2018, he made a film called The Swaggersouls Face Reveal to celebrate reaching one million subscribers.

The movie says, “One of the faces shown is mine,” then flashes a variety of faces over the screen. The internet went on the prowl to identify who it was, and Reddit came to the conclusion that it was the bearded man.

Social networking sites and online gaming applications have developed into fantastic means of fame for young people and gamers. As usual, the public has become interested in Swaggersouls, an anonymous social media user. He is a gamer and a YouTube sensation, to put it briefly. Swaggersoul’s Face Reveal has his admirers interested. because his face is constantly covered by a mask or helmet.