Does Han Die in Tokyo Drift? Here’s Everything We Know!

does han die in tokyo drift

Fans have been wondering how Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang) avoided what appeared to be certain death at the end of 2006’s “Tokyo Drift,” until a trailer for the Fast Saga released in January 2020.

Today marks the arrival of “F9,” the long-awaited album that provides us with the solution.

The simplicity of the explanation may not be ideal for die-hard fans, but at least Han is back in action. The door is now wide open for other characters (like Han’s girlfriend Gisele) to make a return in the future thanks to his arrival.

If you’ve forgotten how Han survived a horrific crash and what his comeback means for the narrative, we’ve got you covered.

How Han Was ‘killed’ — and How His Death Is Key to Understanding the ‘Fast Saga’ Viewing Order

does han die in tokyo driftAfter His Mazda Rx7 Was Struck by A Mercedes and Then Erupted in A Blazing Rage Towards the Climax of The 2006 Film “Tokyo Drift,” Han Was Assumed Dead.

The Next Three “fast and Furious” Movies Continued to Throw Off Viewers by Having Han Show up Alive.

The Events of “Tokyo Drift” Take Place After the 2013 Film, but Viewers Didn’t Find This out Until the Credits Rolled on The Sixth Instalment, “fast 6,” Changing the Order in Which the Films Should Be Watched in Order to Get the Full Story.

As Seen in The “fast & Furious 6” Post-Credits Scene, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) Was Behind the Wheel of The Mercedes that Struck Han. He went to Japan to Kill Han as Payback for Throwing His Brother Owen Shaw (the Villain of “fast 6) Into a Coma.

It appeared that Han Had Died Under Suspicious Circumstances. as Onlookers Watched the Automobile Explode, Deckard Approached Han, Who Was Stuck in The Driver’s Seat of His Overturned Vehicle, Dropped Dom’s Signature Necklace by His Face, and Walked Away.

Here, You Can See the Two Scenes Combined in Case You’re Lost.

How Han Survived the Car Explosion at The End of ‘Tokyo Drift’

does han die in tokyo driftIn “fast 9,” the Events of “fast” (2006) and “fast and Furious” (2013) Are Briefly Flashbacked to Explain how “the General” (han) Survived.

We Mistook Han’s Blazing Rx7 for His Close Proximity to A Certain Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell).

“F9” Reveals that The Government Agent Introduced in “furious 7” Following Han’s “death” Was Actually the One Who Staged the Entire Event.

Yet, Why?

It seems that Mr. No One Knew Han’s Ex-Girlfriend Gisele (gal Gadot). Han Was Stolen Away from Her Present Employer by Mr. Nobody After Her Tragic Demise in “fast 6.” in Order to Steal the Equipment (project Aries) that Is the Focus of “f9,” Han Pretended to Die and Never Informed Dom or His Companions of His Whereabouts.

Instead of A Device, Han Stumbled upon A Little Girl Named Elle Who Was Tied to It and Who He Had to Protect for The Sake of The World. (this Really Didn’t Happen.)

Han Explains His Absence to Dom and The Group by Saying, “my Death Became the Best Way to Stay Alive.”

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The Explanation for Han’s Reappearance Leaves a Bit to Be Desired

Fans Have Been Waiting Almost a Year Since the Trailer Revelation to Find out How Han Survived, but “f9’s” Explanation that He Wasn’t in The Car Is Hard to Accept.

Three Times in The “fast Saga” (at the End of “Tokyo Drift” and “fast 6,” and At the Beginning of 2015’s “furious 7”), Han’s Death Is Depicted, Making It Seem More Real Each Time.

For Dramatic Purposes, It Would Have Been Better to Connect Sean’s (Lucas Black) and Twinkie’s (bow Wow) Homecoming to Han’s Absence. Returning with That Would Have Meant a Little More to Them. Instead, They’re Stuck Working on A Rocket-Equipped Car that Will Eventually Be Launched Into Space.

Fans Have Been Waiting for Han to Get Justice for Years, so We’re Going to Let that Go Since This Is a Movie Where We’re Launching Characters Into Orbit.

This Sounds a Bit Like Fan-Fiction — Are They Just Making This Up As They Go?

does han die in tokyo driftOn the Contrary, There Is Solid Evidence that Filmmaker Justin Lin Has Been Plotting Han’s Return for Quite Some Time.

Lin told Insider that He and Vin Diesel, Who Will Feature in The Next Three Instalments of The “fast Saga,” Had Been Discussing the Project for “the Last Nine Years.”

Lin’s Chronology Takes You Back to 2012, Before “fast & Furious 6” Was Released in 2013 and The Franchise Was Rewritten to Make It Seem Like Deckard Murdered Han.

When Deckard “kills” Han, Lin Has This to Say on The “fast 6” Commentary:

“sung Accompanied Me on This Excursion in The Car. We Were Eating at Arby’s or Somewhere Similar when A Group of Youngsters Spotted Him and Rushed up To Greet Him. Talk Turned to Han and The Movie Franchise “Fast & Furious.”

That’s when I Was Like, ‘ok, You Know What? to Paraphrase What I Told Vin: “if Han Can Come Back, that Could Make Everything I Was Talking About Come True Because that Would Create a Dialogue for The Mythology We Want to Build.”

Lin Told Universal Pictures that He Intended to Include Han in “fast 6” when He Agreed to Direct the Film. when Questioned as To Why He Desired to Resurrect a Previously Deceased Character, He Responded, “watch. This Will Spark Discussion, Which Is Healthy for The Development of Mythology.” so They Risked It All and Succeeded.

Seeing Han’s Success, Lin May Not Have Had All the Answers, but He Must Have at Least Entertained the Idea of Bringing Him Back Into the Fold.

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If Han’s Alive, Could Gisele Be, Too? Maybe!

does han die in tokyo driftWhat About Gisele’s Death? Could Mr. No One Have Faked Her Demise as Well, Given that He Faked Han’s? Sure, that Could Work.


Why Would He Try to Keep that A Secret from Han? Mr. No One Kept Dom and His Crew in The Dark Regarding Han’s Location for Two Films.

We Don’t Know Much About Mr. Nobody or His Motivations, but It Does Seem Odd that He Would Visit Han After Gisele’s Death if She Were Still Alive. neither You nor I Know What His Real Name Is. Mr. Nobody Has Been a Reliable Friend to Dom and His Crew so Far, but There’s Always the Risk That, as A Former Cia Agent, He’s Playing Both Sides. the Identity of The Shadowy Figure Behind “Hobbs & Shaw” in The New Year Is Still a Mystery.

Because the “fast Saga” Is Starting to Resemble a Melodrama, Complete with Resurrections and The Reappearance of Long-Lost Relatives, It’s Not Impossible that Gisele May Make a Comeback. in The End, We Were Never Able to Locate Her Body.

Considering that Roman and Tej Can Go to Space, Han Can Survive a Car Explosion, and Owen Shaw Was Able to Walk Away from Being Thrown out Of an Aircraft at The End of “fast 6,” It Seems Like Everything Is Possible.

Writer Chris Morgan Has Vowed that The Film “justice for Han” Will Be Released. Han and The Fast Family Deserve Nothing Less than to be reunited with Gisele after all these years of falsely believing she was dead. The more Deckard Shaw can right his wrong with Han, the better.