How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics? What Happens To Her?

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

Season 4 of The Walking Dead included the debut of Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). When they came across a hurt Glenn Rhee and Tara Chambler, she was traveling with Abraham Ford and Eugene Porter. Her initial presentation made it clear that she was more ornamental than anything else, but she should work hard to establish her value in subsequent seasons.

Rosita’s demise in the season finale episode was requested by Serratos. Despite the fact that there had been numerous excerpts from the ending episode aired, many fans believed she might not have survived. Her death was nevertheless heartbreaking. But it wasn’t how most people expected her to pass away.

Many watchers think Rosita and her infant Coco would perish in a manner similar to the comedic deaths of Lori & Judith Grimes when the mother and daughter perish together. Finding her daughter Coco, who the Commonwealth had taken after banishing Rosita and the others, was Rosita’s main goal at the beginning of the finale episode.

Who Kills Rosita In The Comic?

Rosita (Christian Serratos) is slain by a Whisperer by the name of Beta in the Walking Dead comic comics. While she is on guard duty, he approaches her covertly and slashes her throat. The defeat of the Whisperers is ultimately brought about by her death, which marks a turning point in the struggle against them.

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

Some fans might ponder whether this will be the character’s final appearance. In the comic books, Rosita passes away soon after Negan’s attack. At some point, Rosita may still become pregnant.

The Walking Dead’s most recent episode aired on Sunday night. As the Whisperer War got underway, Rosita was among those who perished. If the show follows the comic’s example, the main character will be gone for a long period.

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How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics?

Rosita was clambering up a drain pipe with Coco tied to her chest when she slipped and plunged into the crowd. Even though she managed to escape once her mommy bears instincts kicked in and she was able to slice through the walkers, she was a bit on the shoulder. Eugene has always cherished Rosita, therefore she would hold off telling him this.


This knowledge, which also shocked the audience, could be seen to have rattled him. Serratos wanted Rosita dead, as was revealed on Talking Dead. She admitted that she didn’t want to make it through the competition. She believed that Rosita needed to know how she lived, as a legacy for her family, more than anything else.

Rosita’s sacrifice to save the kids was just what Serratos felt the series’ conclusion required to be emotionally impactful. This fits in wonderfully with the notion of the Commonwealth under new management, giving the following generation something to strive towards. Coco was guaranteed to be present by Rosita.

How Old Is Rosita In The Walking Dead

Rosita, a character in The Walking Dead, is in her early to mid-20s. She is a survivor of the epidemic who joins Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) team is looking for safety. Rosita has proven to be a vital member of the team because she is a strong, resourceful woman.

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

A character on The Walking Dead, Rosita Espinosa, has appeared in each episode for almost ten seasons. Most likely, Season 11 will see her return. She will only make an appearance in three of the episodes of this season. Much earlier in the comic book’s tale, Rosita’s fate was already decided.

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Who Does Rosita Date In The Comics?

Rosita’s romantic life in the comics isn’t really defined. The two have been known to go on dates, but she is frequently seen making out with Eugene. Abraham and she are quite close, and several admirers have hypothesized that this relationship might develop further. In every way, Norman is a regular parent and husband.

How Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead Comics

He is blissfully delighted to be the homemaker and is unaware of Rosita’s adultery. He is devoted to his family, especially to his youngest son, Gunter, among other things. One day when Gunter is babysitting Norman, the two form a relationship over their shared love of video games and begin to babysit.