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Instagram Model Christian Rock Announces Pregnancy With Blueface’s Baby!

Is Christian Rock Pregnant

Christian Rock, real name Christian Malone, is an American Instagram model, singer, and social media sensation. She is widely known for dating the rapper Blueface. Rock did not attend college, hence she lacks a degree. Christian has only lately begun to pursue a career in music. She made her debut with the single “Lonely,” and in the two years after then, she has only put out five additional singles.

Rock started a career in the field of social media a number of years ago. She entered the realm of social media for the first time in 2015 when she made her Instagram debut. Rock was very interested in modeling. So she made the decision to shock it. She posted beautiful pictures to Instagram, but because of her little following, they were mainly ignored. As soon as Blueface declared his love for her in public, she shot to fame on Instagram.

In a word, Blueface and his devoted following greatly increased rock’s appeal. Since Christian Rock uploaded a picture of her large stomach on Instagram, there have been rumors that she is pregnant. Here, you can get more interesting information, including whether Christian Rock is pregnant.

Is Christian Rock Pregnant?

In a string of Instagram stories and videos, Christian Rock announced her pregnancy. The videos show her enquiring about hearing the baby’s heartbeat from an OB-GYN. She showed pictures of three different pregnancy tests that all showed good results in the story that followed.

She is seen announcing the wonderful news to her mother in one of the other stories. The social media sensation seems ecstatic at the idea of having children. Since the pregnancy announcement. she has repeatedly shown that she is competent to care for her child on her own.

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Shortly after Christian Rock revealed she was expecting, Blueface made another shocking announcement on social media, saying that he is not the father of the kid and that the two have broken up. Rock had ten contacts with males in the previous year, he continued, and he sought a DNA test.

The two got into a Twitter argument over this, and Christian Rock retaliated by saying that Blueface was the only person she had ever had sex with. She continued by saying that while she will have a DNA test, Blueface will not get even a “cent” from her.

Photo of Christian Rock’s Baby Bump Sparks Online Chatter

The pictures of Christian Rock’s pregnancy are becoming viral on the internet. Her stomach appeared quite round in a recent photo, leading some to believe she may be expecting. It was understandable for some readers to assume that she appeared pregnant because of her regular drinking. Currently, social media is a-obsessed with Christian Rock’s pregnancy announcement.

Internet users are simultaneously joyful and anxious. Blueface explicitly confirmed in a tweet that he and Rock are no longer together, but he added that since their split, Rock has been dating 10 other men. Rock has stated that the baby belongs to Blueface and that she hasn’t shared a bed with any of them.

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Who Is Christian Rock Husband?

Christian is a woman with a broad perspective. She supposedly began dating Jonathan Porter, also known as Blueface. Unknown to most people is the fact that Blueface is a well-known rapper and vocalist. Blueface also has ring experience as a former fighter. But it’s unclear precisely when their relationship began.

According to rumors, she is the first musician to sign with Blueface’s label, and he is her employer. News of Christian and Blueface’s split broke in August 2022. Videos of their altercations on Hollywood’s streets rapidly went viral. Regarding Christian’s current or previous romantic relationships, there is no reliable information available.

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