Original Racing Anime Overtake Releases Teaser Trailer


Today saw the release of a teaser image, a video, and details on the cast and crew for Kadokawa and Troyca’s Overtake original anime. The project had previously been mentioned, but the specifics were unknown.

Koya Madoka and Haruka Asahina, the primary couple, are voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi and Anan Furuya.

Koya is a professional photographer whose business is struggling. Haruka, an obstinate high school student who races and declines assistance from others on the grounds that he can succeed alone, is the opposite.

Overtake! Cast of Anime

The voice actor for Haruka Asahina will be Anan Furuya. Furuya has had various minor roles, such Teru Nagato from Futsal Boys!!!!! However, this will be his first major role as a voice actor.

as well as Osh from Mobile Suit Gundam:

Original Racing Anime Overtake Releases Teaser Trailer

The Witch From Mercury. According to his description of Haruka Asahina, a shy high school student who drives F4 for Komaki Motors.

He aggressively advances to fulfill his goal of being on the podium while adamantly stating, “I don’t need any help.” In addition to staying at the Komakis’ home, he works as a newspaper delivery driver on the side.

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The Main Staff Includes:

  • Original Concept: KADOKAWA × TROYCA
  • Director: Ei Aoki (Fate/ZeroThe Garden of Sinners: Overlooking ViewAldnoah. Zero)
  • Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine
  • Supervisor: Katsuhiko Takayama
  • Original Character Design: Takako Shimura
  • Character Design: Masako Matsumoto
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