Where Was Snowkissed Filmed? See Hallmark Movie’s The Stunning Locations!


The Hallmark Channel debuted “Snowkissed” on January 30, 2021. The film takes place in several breathtakingly beautiful places, which will no doubt make viewers wonder where the actual filming took place. The film was shot in Canada, with several stunning scenes taking place in Banff.

In the film, Chris McNally plays Noah, while Jen Lilley plays Kate. The film will be shown again by Hallmark on October 2 at 3 p.m. Eastern. The protagonist of the story is Kate, portrayed by Jen Lilley, a journalist from New York who has never ventured beyond the city.

Kate is given the job of her dreams, one that would send her to Lake Louise, Canada. Then she meets Noah (Chris McNally), a charming bed and breakfast proprietor looking to work as a tour guide. The chemistry between them ignites as they work together. Will Kate, however, give up her beloved city to be with Noah?

Where Was Snowkissed Filmed?

Filming for the Hallmark film Snowkissed took place in Banff, Alberta, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Viewers are curious about where Snowkissed was filmed, especially the Beachwood Bed and Breakfast. The Hallmark film Snowkissed is a charming romantic comedy about Kate, a New Yorker who has never experienced life outside of the city.

Where Was Snowkissed Filmed

She then receives a business assignment that requires her to travel to Canada, giving her the perfect chance to put her worries to rest. Soon after arriving in Lake Louise, Kate meets Noah, the owner of the B&B where she is staying. She begins helping Noah with a business venture when her mission is postponed.

Kate helps Noah get ready for a meeting with several investors he wants to impress. He’s going to take them on a thorough tour of the breathtaking countryside. Through excursions and valuable experiences in the midst of snow-covered heights and peaks, Kate and Noah’s emotional journey is depicted.

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Other Locations for Filming

There are widespread rumors that Winnipeg, Manitoba was used to film a scene for Snowkissed. The actor who plays Simon in the film, Rodrigo Beilfuss, posted an Instagram photo from the scene. Crew members were looking for actors in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas in late November and early December of last year.

Where Was Snowkissed Filmed

According to a Facebook casting notice. Along with the home of the owner and her daughter, Pineridge Hollow served as one of the primary filming locations in Winnipeg. Pineridge Hollow serves as a site for events and has a store, a restaurant, and a B&B.

Hallmark Movie Filming Location

On January 30th, Saturday, the Hallmark Channel premiered Snowkissed. In the film, journalist Kate (Jen Lilley) leaves New York for Canada after being offered a fantastic new position. There, Kate meets Noah (played by Chris McNally), the proprietor of a B&B, who serves as her guide across the resort.

While exploring the area and engaging in winter sports together, the two quickly develop a romantic relationship. Production on Snowkissed started in late 2020 and ended in January 2021. The bulk of the winter-themed movie was filmed in Canada’s Manitoba and Alberta. Let’s investigate it further.

Brandon, Manitoba

Where Was Snowkissed Filmed

Snowkissed’s alleged Manitoba production location perfectly captured the outdoor-fun tone of the movie. Canada’s Manitoba province has a western boundary with Ontario. The region is renowned for its vast natural surroundings, which include lakes, rivers, mountains, and woods.

Hallmark particularly enjoys the wild mood of Manitoba because it is where many of the channel’s movies were filmed. One of the show’s key men, Rodrigo Beilfuss, uploaded a picture of himself curled up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Alberta’s Banff

Kate is sent to Lake Louise to interview a writer at the start of the movie. Following Kate’s flight to Canada, the scenes that come next were filmed on location at the lake. With the Canadian Rockies’ Banff National Park, the hamlet of Lake Louise is famed for its crystalline surface covered in glaciers.

Where Was Snowkissed Filmed

There are hiking routes all across the area, which is bordered by high peaks. It is a well-liked spot for skating and boating as well, making it an excellent setting for movies. Up top, where the Banff Gondola track continues, Sulphur Mountain and the Canadian Rockies may be seen in profile.

To give visitors a good experience, the venue has been updated and changed throughout time. For access to a view of the location without any limitations, cabin rides are available. Rodrigo Beilfuss and Amy Groening were seen exploring one of these boats.

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