Does Alice Have a True Story Behind It? The Thriller Mixes Reality With Fiction


Krystin Ver Linden’s criminal thriller “Alice” traces the story of its title character. An enslaved lady named Alice (Keke Palmer) makes an attempt to escape the Georgia farm where she has been held captive in the 19th century.

Following her escape, she discovers that the world is very different from what she had envisioned and that the actual year is 1973. In the end, Frank, a truck driver (Common), teaches Alice how to live by the clock. But she convinces him to aid her in taking Paul Bennet, her previous owner, to task in order to get back at him (Jonny Lee Miller).

Does Alice Have a True Story Behind It?

The story of Black Americans who were still held in slavery after the Emancipation Proclamation served as the inspiration for the movie. Since many slave owners disobeyed the rule, it took years for it to become widely enforced.

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Does Alice Have a True Story Behind It?

Mae Louise Walls Miller, a slave who was still in existence in 1963, is one such instance. Given that the proclamation was made one hundred years ago, this is a tremendous shock. Inability to understand the contract Miller’s father signed made him and his entire family slaves. The family was firmly rooted in the land and was unaware of what was going on in the outer world.

At the age of 14, Mae was able to escape, and with the help of a family, she was able to save her other family members that same night.

With a few modifications, the movie is loosely based on Mae’s narrative. The main alteration is that the scene is set in 1973 rather than 1963. Additionally, after being inspired by the movie Coffy, Alice takes revenge on her owner.

What’s the Story of Alice?

Starring as Alice, a slave in Georgia who still thinks it’s the 19th century, is Keke Palmer. She eventually manages to flee and learns that the year is 1973 and that slavery has been outlawed for a very long time. In addition, Alice discovers that the Black Power movement is in motion.

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Does Alice Have a True Story Behind It?

During her flight, Alice meets Frank (played by Common), a truck driver, who assists her in adjusting to her new surroundings. Additionally, he consents to assist Alice in exacting revenge against Paul Bennett (Jonny Lee Miller), the former owner of her plantation.

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