Is Tia Torres Married? Here’s Everything We Know!

is tia torres married

As many people as there are who adore dogs, there are also plenty who are terrified of them. While many people have a soft spot for canines, Pit Bulls have earned a reputation for being aggressive and may be avoided because of this. Tia Torres, though, who works to save abandoned animals, disagrees.

She operates a shelter for rescued dogs, despite the widespread belief that they are harmful. She has also made an appearance in a show centered on the group. Many individuals who hear about her wonder if she is married. If you’re curious about Tia Torres’s personal life and want to know if she’s married, then this article is for you.

Early Life and Childhood

Tia Torres Entered the World on 11 June 1960, in California, United States. Her Background Shaped Her to Become an Animal Lover. She Spent Her Childhood on A Farm with Her Stepmother, Where She Developed a Deep Affection for Animals, Particularly Horses.

But At 17, She Packed up Her Two Arabian Horses, Her Angora Goat, and Her Catahoula Leopard Dog, Cougar, and Headed out The Door. She Had to Work Hard to Survive on The Road, Where She Was Currently Splitting Her Time Between the Van and The Horse Trailer.

but Her Adolescence Did Not Go as Well as Anyone Could Have Hoped, and She Wound up Associating with Some Unsavoury Characters. as The Story Progresses, She Hung out With the Gang in Los Angeles and Narrowly Avoided Getting Shot Multiple Times.

Is Tia Torres Married?

Tia Torres Is a Rescuer Who Helps Dangerous Dogs Who Have Been Abandoned. She Established Villalobos Rescue Center, the Country’s Largest Shelter for Pit Bulls. My Life Among the Underdogs Is the Title of The Memoir She Penned.

is tia torres marriedAdditionally, She Was Featured on The Mtv Show Pit Bulls and Parolees. They Tied the Knot on October 31, 2006, and She Now Calls Aren Marcus Jackson Her Husband. Some Online Resources Place Their First Meeting in The Early 1980s. His Lengthy Prison Stint Ended in 2006. After His Release from Prison in October 2006, the Couple Tied the Knot.

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Career & Progression

She Eventually Came Around and Enlisted in The American Armed Forces. She Was a Truck Driver in The Army for Six Years. After Her Time in The Military, She Worked with Parolees Since She Was Employed by The City of Los Angeles to Counsel Young People Involved with Gangs.

is tia torres marriedShe Initially Established the Villalobos Rescue Center in Agua Dulce, California, but Later Relocated the Non-Profit to New Orleans, Louisiana, Due to Rising Operating Costs and Difficulties Obtaining Necessary Permits. She Still Runs Her Villalobos Rescue Center, Where Ex-Cons Are Put to Work Caring For, Rescuing, and Rehabilitating Pit Bulls.

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Her Kids

Mariah Torres Was Born to Tia and Aren Marcus Jackson. the Birth of Mariah Was Her Second Child. Tania Torres, Her Daughter from A Deceased Gangster Boyfriend, Was Her First Kid.

is tia torres married

Hawaiian Brother and Sister Kanani and Keli’i Were Two of The Other Kids She Adopted (a.K.A Moe). Tia’s Daughter Was the Intermediary Through Which She First Met Her Adopted Grandchildren.

Divorce & Moving On

In a Nutshell, Tia and Aren Had a Brief Married Life. in September of 2007, He Was Caught Once More, This Time for Possession of Stolen Property, and Given a 15-Year Prison Term. Aren Did Make a Cameo Appearance in Two Episodes of “Pitbulls & Parolee,” the Reality Show About Tia Torres’s Business at Vrc.

During the Time that Aren Was Doing His sentence in jail, Tia kept herself occupied by working. Tia eventually decided she wanted a divorce from Aren since she felt they were no longer compatible. Tia is currently a free and unattached woman in the year 2022.