Where Is Isabella Guzman Now? The Tragic Backstory of The Notorious TikTok Murderer?

isabella guzman where is she now

Colorado is home to Isabella Guzman. After stabbing her mother 150 times in 2013, she was convicted and sentenced to prison. At the time, she was only 18 years old. Recently, her video on TikTok attracted a lot of attention after going viral. It was the opinion of some that she should be exonerated since she was innocent. Her “beautiful face” and “striking features” won over a lot of people.

Why Did Isabella Stab Her Mother?

For the first time, Isabella made headlines when she allegedly stabbed her mother 79 times. Further examination revealed that the victim had over 151 wounds across her body. A thorough investigation revealed that Isabella was unlike other kids her age. Never once did she show any signs of happiness or desire to interact with her loved ones.

She was found to have had deep-seated animosity and resentment toward her own mother. Because of their limited means, Isabella’s parents could not always provide her with the toys and games she craved as a child. Having this happen would cause tension in the household. But Isabella’s folks hoped she’d grow up to have compassion for their monetary predicament.

71-3-5646880Due to her father’s abandonment, Isabella moved in with her mother. When her mother started dating Richard, things deteriorated rapidly. Isabella did not approve of her father’s replacement, which caused further friction between the family members.

It was disclosed that Isabella would make threats about her mother and pledged to “make her pay” for “how she had been abused.”

Her mother and boyfriend reported Isabella’s threats to the police out of fear that she could actually carry them out.

Her father tried to talk sense into Isabella after they had an altercation one night. On that fateful day, Richard overheard Isabella’s mother screaming from the upstairs bathroom. He hurried over to assist her, but it had been locked from the inside. He listened as Isabella repeatedly stabbed his partner, and he did nothing.

Isabella was accused by authorities of stabbing her mother multiple times, including in the face, neck, and body. Initially, the police had trouble locating Isabella, but they were able to do so once they went undercover.

Where Is Isabella Guzman Now?

She remains a patient in the psychiatric hospital. Still, she insists, even after all this time, that she wasn’t herself during the murder of her mother.

The court mandated that Guzman continue his treatment at the psychiatric facility.

She was to remain there until she posed no further risk to anyone. The ruling effectively sentenced her to a lifetime of confinement at the facility. She may soon be permanently released from the mental institution, however.

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Isabella Suffered from Schizophrenia

According to Isabella’s Statements to The Police, She Heard Voices Inside Her Head Telling Her What to Do. One of The Most Noticeable Signs of Schizophrenia Is This. She Claimed the Voices Instructed Her to Take Her Mother’s Life so That the World May Be Saved.

isabella guzman where is she nowA Physician Testified in Court that She Suffered from Schizophrenia. as Her Doctor Explained, She Had Been Struggling with Severe Schizophrenic Ideation for A Long Time. the Testimony Led to A Finding of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. She Was Admitted to The Pueblo Mental Health Institute when She Was 18 Years Old.

Is Isabella Fit to Be Free Now?

Although Isabella Has Been a Patient at The Mental Health Facility Since 2010, She Has Expressed a Desire to Be Released in 2020. Isabella Told Cbs4 in A Video Interview that She “was Not Myself when I Did That, and I Have Since Been Restored to Full Health.” the Interview Took Place Through a Computer Camera in The Facility.

She Also Discussed Her Family and History Throughout the Conversation. “for a Long Time, My Relatives Abused Me,” She Explained. “I Was Abused at Home by My Jehovah’s Witness Parents Before I Left the Faith at Age 14 and It Got Worse After I Left.”

She Expressed Regret About What Had Happened, Saying, “if I Could Change Anything or If I Could Take It Back, I Would.” Isabella Stated that She Was Not Herself During that Time, but That She Is Now Fully Recovered.

Why Did Isabella’s Video Go Viral Now?

The Stories Behind Instagram’s Viral Videos of Young Alleged Criminals and Killers Are Capturing the Attention of The Public. Specifically, One Person Uploaded Footage Showing Isabella Walking Into Court, Sitting Down, and Then Gazing at The Camera with A Smile on Her Face, Followed by A Frown.

This Video Has Been Viewed by Millions of People After It Became Viral.

These Viral Videos of Purported Criminals Are Nothing New. a Video of A “handsome” 21-Year-Old Crashing His Ford Mustang Into a Mother and Her Young Child at High Speed Went Viral and Landed Him in Prison for 24 Years. Tragically, Both the Mother and Daughter Passed Away.

More than 100 Mph Was Reportedly Being Driven by The Teenaged Herrin as He Raced a Friend. the Relatives of The Victim Pushed for A Heavier Sentence, but The Judge Compromised with A 24-Year Sentence Instead. and The Expression on Herrin’s Face when He Heard the Verdict Was Shared Thousands of Times on Tiktok.

All These Videos Have Something in Common: The Offender or Criminal Has Attractive Features and An Aura of Mystery, Which Piques the Interest of All Viewers, but Notably Millennials and Generation Z. It’s True that Some People May Suffer from The Ill Effects of Too Much Focus, but There Are Also Benefits to Being the Centre of Attention.

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Woman Freed After 10 Years in Prison Over Miscarriage

Recently, a Tale About a Lady Who Was Arrested and Accused of Having an Abortion Went Viral on Social Media. Elsy, a 28-Year-Old Housekeeper, and Mother Miscarried but Was Arrested on Charges of Having an Abortion. Specifically, She Was Found Guilty of Aggravated Murder. Elsy and Three Other Women Were Released from Prison in El Salvador for Identical Reasons After a Recent Backlash.

Remember that These Are Individuals, Despite how Fascinating It Is to Watch These Videos and Try to Interpret the People’s Intentions Based on Their Actions. as A Result of Social Media, We Can Now Reach out To People and Learn About Topics that Would Have Been Impossible Even a Few Decades Ago.

It’s Encouraging to See People Using Social Media for Positive Purposes, but Staying Away from It Entirely Is Essential.

a Person’s Outward Demeanour May Be Deceptive; Even Those Who Appear Sweet and Harmless May Be Capable of Terrible Acts.