What Happened to Alex Fresh on The Jubal Show? Is She Leaving?

what happened to alex on the jubal show

Alex Fresh is a radio host who was forced into the entertainment industry to take charge of the family business. She now has the unenviable responsibility of co-hosting, producing, and directing content, as well as organizing standup comedy tours and corralling the staff.

The Show, featuring Jubal, his wife, Alex Fresh, and “English” Evan, returns after he did stand-up in the Springs.

Alex, Jugal’s wife, has been a regular guest on their podcast, which has since expanded to three episodes per week and is now being broadcast on the radio.

The host is an expert HALO player on Xbox and is a staunch supporter of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, in addition to her work in radio.

Is Alex Fresh Leaving Jubal Show?

True, Alex posted on Instagram to her 27.6k followers under the handle@thatdreas to let them know she was leaving the show.

Jubal, Alex’s future husband, started working at the station in August 2020, and she was kept on. Omelia had worked in sales at iHeartMedia Seattle until Alex brought him on to the “Carla Marie & Anthony” morning program at 106.1 KBKS.

She mentioned how sudden her exit from “The Jubal Show” was.

Alex’s departure may be related to her mental health and a need for time alone.

81-2-2077021Alex has expressed her appreciation for the support of her audience and stated that she will always remember her time on the Show with fondness.

Alex thanked the viewers for listening and that she will always remember her time on the Show with gratitude.

The host continued by saying that she hasn’t answered many questions yet, but that this isn’t retirement and that she might come back.

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What Happened to Alex Fresh

82-2-5318067After nine years on the hit radio show, Jubal Fresh reportedly announced his retirement from Brooke & Jubal In The Morning.

The comedian, podcaster, and YouTuber haven’t been seen or heard from since the year 2020.

Jugal has previously stated that he would be leaving the show due to the disagreements he had with the producers.

Comedic portions including “Phone Tap,” “Second Date,” and “Loser Line” are presented by Alex’s husband Jubal and their friend Brooke. The hosts frequently make light of boring situations.

In the Jubal Show episode “Phone Tap: Stop With the Baby Stuff,” a woman who was expecting at the time excitedly displayed her first ultrasound scan at the office several times until she got a stern warning.

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Is Alex Fresh Fired?

Soon after Alex revealed she was leaving the Jubal Show, rumors began to circulate that her departure was connected to the drama that had plagued the show from its inception.

When “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning” was replaced by “The Jubal Show,” listeners of 98.9 Magic FM/KKMG-FM in Colorado Springs were thrilled.

According to reliable sources, “The Jubal Show” now airs from 6-10 am each weekday. Longtime fans of the radio duo may recognize Jubal, whose real name is Jubal Flagg, as co-host of the syndicated show “Brooke & Jubal” with Fox.

From March 2016 to April 2020, Magic FM broadcast The Jugal Show with her and her husband, Jubal. In April 2020, Jubal abruptly quit the show.

The show was renamed “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning” with the departure of Jugal and new co-host Jeff “Young Jeffrey” Dubow.