What Happened To Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451? Is She Alive Or Dead?

What Happened to Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451

American author Ray Bradbury’s apocalyptic novel Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953. Fahrenheit 451 depicts an American society in which books are personified, forbidden, and burned by “firemen” in accordance with one of his best works that are frequently cited.

Guy Montag, a fireman who becomes frustrated with his work of destroying information and censoring books, eventually quits his job and dedicates himself to the preservation of literary and cultural publications. Guy Montag is the protagonist of the book.

Bradbury, who was influenced by Nazi Germany’s book burnings and the Soviet Union’s ideological persecution, wrote Fahrenheit 451 amid the Second Red Scare and the McCarthy era.

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The novel’s purported inspiration, according to Bradbury, has undergone several changes.

What Happened To Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451


On his way home from work, Montag runs across Clarisse McClellan (Sofia Boutella) a young woman with a lot of spirits. When Mildred tells Montag about what occurred to Clarisse, it is when we first learn about it “Family as a whole relocated. But she’s permanently gone now. Clarisse dies in a car accident in the first half of the novel”

Clarisse was struck by a car four days prior, she continues to tell him. Although sh)e was unsure, she was fairly certain. Later, when Beatty and Montag are speaking, he claims that Clarisse was a ticking time bomb. She kept asking inquiries as a result of her family feeding her subconscious.

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What Happened To Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451

Unhappiness might result from that.

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Therefore, “she’s better off dead.” The administration is now able to “nip most of them in the bud,” he claims, adding that fortunately, Clarisse does not emerge frequently. As they say, “the bud” was “nipped in the bud” and Clarisse has passed away.

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Does Clarisse Die In Fahrenheit 451?

When Montag is attempting to flee and is attacked by a car full of youths, he believes he has a better understanding of how Clarisse dies. He ponders whether they were the ones who attempted to murder Clarisse. Because they turn around and attempt to strike him once more, he is certain that they are on a mission to murder him.

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Mildred casually brings up the fact that she forgot to inform him that Clarisse was killed after being run over by a car. Montag experiences a significant impact from Clarisse, who is likely the turning point in his life.

He is reminded of the person he is and can be by Clarisse, and she also helps him become more aware of the world around him.

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When she passes away, Montag stops going to work and starts to truly reflect on everything that is taking place.

Character Analysis Clarisse McClellan


Sofia Boutella Plays the role of Clarisse McClellan in In Fahrenheit 451 as an oddball. She enjoys spending time in outdoors, doesn’t watch violent television, and doesn’t engage in pointless socializing. She is drawn to Montag because he is a fireman without the conventional fireman traits, which reflects her curiosity about peculiar things.

Clarisse passes away in Fahrenheit 451, however, Bradbury makes no mention of this incident in the text. Clarisse’s passing is announced to the reader by Mildred. Mildred says Clarisse is “gone” and that she was “run over by a car” when Montag mentions that he hasn’t seen her in four days in Part 2.

Also relocating and leaving the neighborhood is Clarisse’s family. Mildred answers, “I forgot,” when Montag asks why she didn’t inform him sooner. Part Three provides evidence regarding Clarisse’s cause of death.


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A group of teenage joyriders nearly knocks down Montag as he flees from the Hound. Bradbury neither confirms nor denies his suspicion that they were responsible for Clarisse’s death, which makes him question if they killed her.