Is Apollo Creed Based on A Real-Life Event? Is Apollo Creed’s Death Real?


Two of the most well-known stars came together for Ryan Coogler’s Creed, one of the top ten movies of 2015. Donnie Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, plays the primary role in the film, which finds Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky serving as a mentor to Michael B. Jordan’s Donnie. Coogler directed the film and co-wrote the screenplay with Aaron Covington.

IMDb users have rated the film 7.6 out of 10 stars, and Rotten Tomatoes users have given it a 95% approval rating. The film’s producers and cast members also received more than 20 accolades. The character of Michael B. Jordan The primary character, Donnie Creed, chronicles the lives of an African American child growing up in Los Angeles, California.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) makes a comeback in the movie to serve as Adonis Johnson’s mentor (Jordan). Apollo Creed, who was portrayed by Carl Weathers in the original movies, is the father of Adonis, however, Apollo Creed passes away before Adonis is even born.

Is ApolloCreed Based on A True Story?

Who Is Apollo Creed Based On

With Creed, filmmaker Ryan Coogler revitalized the Rocky film series and added a fresh perspective to Sylvester Stallone’s original idea. The six-film Rocky Balboa series starring Stallone starred Stallone as Rocky Balboa.

Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, was a further character who had a significant role in the movie’s series.

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Creed is not based on a true story because the characters are all made up. Coogler’s wanted to honor his father, a devoted fan of Rocky, in his film by paying homage to him. Coogler’s father reportedly had a medical issue that caused his muscles to shrink, according to a story by The Wrap.

Coogler’s first had the notion while working on his first film, Fruitvale Station. Coogler pondered whether one of his father’s fictional characters also experienced a similar ailment and had a young man enter his life and transform it. He soon produced Creed by drawing on his understanding of the Rocky film series and adding his own vision.

Who Is Apollo Creed Based On

Sylvester Stallone was impressed by Fruitvale Station, the director said and decided to take on the project even though he had never directed a movie before approaching him with the concept. Ryan Coogler continued by saying that the movie struck his father, who was moved by many of the scenes depicted in it.

In Creed 2, which was released three years after the popular Creed film, Sylvester Stallone and Michael B.

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Jordan reprised their respective roles as Rocky and Donnie Creed. After that, both fans and critics hailed the film as a success. Michael B. Jordan will make his directorial debut with the release of Creed 3 on November 23, 2022. On Amazon Prime Video, you may see Creed.

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Is Apollo Creed a Real Boxer?

In the Rocky movies, there is a fictional character named Apollo Creed. The character was modeled by Muhammad Ali, a real-life boxing champion, and shared his “brash, outspoken, [and] theatrical” style, according to one author.

Who Is Apollo Creed Based On

The antagonist in Creed II, Viktor Drago, is the son of Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who behaved more like a Terminator than a human in Rocky IV. Ivan Drago, who murdered Apollo Creed in the ring, was finally humiliated by his defeat to Rocky Balboa.

Apollo Creed May Be Fictional, But It Has a Heartwarming Backstory

The tale underlying both “Creed” films is incredibly touching, even though “Creed II” isn’t based on a genuine story. According to a BuzzFeed News article by director Ryan Coogler, he first fell in love with filmmaking because of the “Rocky” series. He and his father Ira frequently watched the series, especially “Rocky II” and “Rocky IV,” which gave them valuable time to bond.

Sadly, in 2011, Coogler’s father received diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder; nonetheless, Coogler made the best of a difficult circumstance by rewatching his favorite “Rocky” movies with him. Coogler discussed the experience of finally showing his father “Creed” in an interview with The Wrap.

Who Is Apollo Creed Based On

Due to their shared love of movies, he described how the event was emotionally taxing, saying, “Man, it made me feel.

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You know, they are the only films that I’ve ever seen my dad cry while watching. And you can see a lot of him and me in the film.” Although “Despite not directing Creed II, Coogler revealed in an interview with The Wrap that he was questioning masculinity while filming the first movie.

which also serves as a major theme in the follow-up. Is your masculinity characterized by your power and capacity to defend all you cherish?

” It seems that Coogler’s Adonis and Jordan’s Adonis may share traits other than a shared affection for their fathers.

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