Are Cely and Justine Still Friends in 2023 After Second Season of Love Island?


Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, even though the whole point of Love Island is for two lucky people to find romantic love while spending two weeks in a luxury villa. How the friendship between Cely Vazquez and Justine Nbida was the most interesting relationship to watch develop during the second season of Love Island USA.

Cely and Justine were both parts of the first group of contestants, and after some initial difficulties, they each found love on the show and ultimately left with their respective partners (Cely with Johnny Middlebrooks, and Justine with the cash prize and beau Caleb Corprew).

Reports indicate that both pairs remain together and are plotting their respective futures. Given how well Johnny and Caleb got along, it’s possible that the couples will keep in touch after Love Island has ended.

Are Cely and Justine still dating? It was as if fate had brought them together.

Justine and Cely’s Friendship Is the Real Deal

Despite the fact that they are no longer roommates at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas, Justine Ndiba and Cely Vazquez have stated their intent to maintain their close relationship. Immediately following the conclusion of Season 2 of Love Island USA, Justine discussed their relationship with E! News.

“Actually, Cely is completely different from everyone else I’ve ever met. Having her there and the ease with which we were able to communicate helped me get over many of the low points I experienced behind bars by making me feel like I was chatting with a sister or best friend from back home. We hit it off immediately and wonderfully “When asked when she cited October of 2020.

are cely and justine still friends 2023According to Justine, their friendship is “more real” now than it was back in the villa. Cely agreed, saying that just because the season had ended didn’t mean that their friendship, which they had dubbed “Celine,” was over.

Cely also believes that if given the chance, American viewers would have chosen Cely and Justine as the winner. She even admitted that “we should have won the whole thing.” “She’s my type, man. I couldn’t have had as much fun on Love Island without her. She blows my mind.”

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There’s One Thing Justine Hates About Cely

Cely Vazquez was the one person in the Love Island USA Season 2 villa who everyone turned to when they were having relationship problems. She also led the contestants in “water aerobics” and started spontaneous dance parties and sing-alongs in the girls’ glam room in between challenges and recoupling ceremonies to keep everyone entertained.

are cely and justine still friends 2023

Cely once roused her fellow islanders with a chant and the clanging of pots and pans.

However, Justine Ndiba does not feel this way about her close friend. The winner of Love Island USA Season 2 told E! News that it was a relief to wake up in a hotel instead of the villa right after the final recoupling ceremony.

“It was great to wake up this morning without being in the same room as her for a change. No banging of pans or other means of rousing oneself before work. The break was much needed and appreciated. Instead, she pleasantly knocked on my door “About her close confidante, Justine made the following remark.

Unlike the happily-ever-afters of the villa’s couples, you can probably guess that spending quality time apart will be the deciding factor in whether or not this friendship survives (or at least not sharing a room together).

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The Truth About Justine from Love Island USA

A feeling of love fills the air.

During the September 30, 2020 season finale of Love Island USA, the winners of the competition were revealed. Fans of the Islanders’ Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew, who won the prize and a cool $100,000 in cash, are ecstatic.

The show’s viewers quickly came to adore Justine and Caleb, dubbing them “Jaleb” for short. They are the first Black couple in Love Island’s eight-season history, and their cuteness alone makes them a winner.

are cely and justine still friends 2023

“Totally psyched! I’m beyond elated. Nothing has happened yet, “Justine announced the historic victory to Entertainment Tonight. The two of us are still in shock, man.

Since Justine had such a hard time finding a partner at the start of the show, her viewers were especially eager to see her rise to the top.

A devoted follower expressed their opinion on Twitter, saying “From being overlooked and written off as a “girl you settle for,” Justine has risen to the top of the Love Island leaderboard and is now engaged to a man who clearly values and adores her. the biggest explosion in history.”

“The body I was born into is one I adore. The way God fashioned me is perfect. Many Black women haven’t achieved much success at this stage, and I think that contributes to their insecurities “Says Justine to ET. It was tough to have those doubts surface so soon, but everything worked out in the end.

Who was Justine, though, before she became the first Black female winner of Love Island? You can read about her background here.

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