How Did Harry Anderson Die? Was It a Cardiac Arrest Which Took the Life of The ‘Night Court’ Star!


In 2018, Harry Anderson, star of the TV show “Night Court,” was found dead in his North Carolina home by his wife of eighteen years, Elizabeth Morgan, who immediately called 911.

The actor’s family claims that Harry Anderson died of natural causes and had already passed away before the arrival of the emergency responders.

The 911 Call

Sadly, on April 16, 2018, at the age of 65, the actor, comedian, and magician passed away in Asheville, North Carolina. At 6:41 a.m., in response to a 911 call placed by Harry Anderson’s wife, paramedics arrived at the apartment and confirmed the comedian had passed away.

The media outlet TMZ obtained the star’s wife’s 911 call to the Ashville emergency unit days after he passed away. The distraught woman’s voice could be heard sobbing and muttering incoherently throughout the call.


After the operator had tried to calm her down by suggesting that CPR be administered to the deceased icon, the woman said that it was already too late.

During the call, she disclosed some of his medical background, such as his history of fighting the flu and a series of strokes that he had earlier that year. Christina Hallingse, a spokeswoman for the city’s police department, confirmed that no criminal activity was suspected.

Dashiell Anderson, the late actor’s son, confirmed his death to TMZ and said his passing was from natural causes.

Harry’s Life

The magician started his career as a child performer on the streets of various American cities before relocating to California at the age of 16. He was born on October 14, 1952, in Newport, Rhode Island.

During his teenage years, he became a professional con man and magician after discovering a talent for card tricks.

how did harry anderson dieAfter being named salutatorian of his class at North Hollywood High School, he relocated to Ashland, Oregon, and began a professional magic career, first with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Before landing his role as Harry “The Hat” Gitties on select episodes of “Cheers,” he made several guest appearances on “Saturday Night Live.” His most famous role to this day is undoubtedly that of Judge Harry Stone on the NBC sitcom “Night Court,” in which he played for a total of eight seasons.

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Harry Anderson’s Marriages

The late star tied the knot twice. His first wife, actress and fellow magician Leslie Pollack, was the catalyst for his first marriage.

They welcomed two children into the world together: son Dashiell and daughter Eva Fay Anderson. After 20 years of marriage, they experienced a low point in 1999.

Harry Anderson's MarriagesAfter that, in 2000, he wed Elizabeth Morgan and left Hollywood to settle in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he and his wife opened a magic shop called Sideshow and a speakeasy called the Oswald.

Shortly after arriving, they were hit by Hurricane Katrina, which caused a severe economic downturn in New Orleans and ultimately prompted the family to relocate to North Carolina in 2006.

In 2018, Harry Anderson passed away, still married to his second wife, Elizabeth Morgan. While the businesswoman and her husband did not have any children of their own, she was a doting stepmother to her husband’s children from a previous relationship.

Harry’s Wife and Kids

After making it through Hurricane Katrina, the family had the kind of Hollywood-standard survival story to tell. Elizabeth discussed how the near-death experience altered her character and ultimately led to depression in an interview with the New York Times in 2006. She stated to the media.

how did harry anderson die

His daughter, Eva fay, is a writer whose credits include “PITtv,” “Briarpatch,” “You’re the Worst,” “A Kiss From Daddy,” and “Toy Story 3,” among others. She also has some acting and production experience.

Dashiell, Eva’s brother, appeared as himself on their dad’s 1996 CBS special, “Harry Anderson: The Tricks of His Trade.”

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Harry’s Cause of Death

After the 911 call, Harry Anderson’s cause of death was initially thought to be a cardiac arrest, but autopsy results showed that he had died from complications related to a cardioembolic cerebrovascular accident, the most severe type of stroke.

A death certificate copy also revealed influenza and heart disease as factors in the actor’s untimely passing.

Co-Stars React to Harry’s Death

Stars from the world of magic came together after the tragic exit to pay tribute to the late icon.

John Larroquette, his co-star on “Night Court,” penned a heartfelt tribute to their late friend, remembering him as “wicked smart,” “funny,” and “having a big heart.” Marsha Warfield, a co-star of “Night court,” released a touching video eulogy to the late actor in which she offered her deepest condolences to his family.

how did harry anderson dieMarkie Post, who was “devastated” by the news, Columnist Dave Barry, who called the late comedian “a very talented guy, and more importantly, a genuinely nice guy,” and fellow magician Neil Patrick all expressed their deepest condolences to the family of the late Hollywood star.

The show aired for eight seasons on NBC, and the network tweeted its condolences, saying that the star “is forever in our hearts.”

Several more famous people came to pay their respects and show their support for the late star’s family.

Nearly two years after the celebrity’s death, his or her loved ones have moved past the initial shock and grief, but the icon’s memory remains strong.

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