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When Will Japanese Anime Television Series Haikyuu Season 5 Release?

haikyuu season 5 release date

Season 5 of the popular sports anime series Haikyuu will soon premiere, telling the story of a little boy who, despite his diminutive stature, is inspired by a professional volleyball player and trains hard to emulate his skills.

Based on the manga series by Haruichi Furudate, the TV anime is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka (Episodes 01–60) and Masako Sato (Episodes 61–85) and written by Taku Kishimoto.

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date Countdown and Time

The recent announcement of a two-part Haikyu film was exciting, but it omitted the film’s actual release dates, which is disappointing. However, we can make some guesses based on the schedule of creation used in the previous seasons.

It took 14 months to film Season 4, and it premiered in 2020’s January. The film could open in Japanese theatres as early as September 2023, which would be exciting for fans. We may expect to watch the second half of the film in November 2023, as it will be released in two parts.

Haikyuu Won’t Have a Season 5

Fans are skeptical of a two-part film, despite the fact that it is in production. If that happens, a lot of crucial moments won’t be seen.

If the remaining Hinata escapades have to be condensed into two films, the plot will feel hollow. This is why audiences are anxious about the film’s announcement.

They will speed through the plot just to get rid of what’s left. There are still almost 110 chapters to go, and two major matches are on the verge of being ruined. I appreciate you putting it out there.

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Why Is Haikyuu Taking so Long to Return for Another Season?

Although we are huge fans of Tobie, Hinata, and the other male anime characters, you may be astonished to learn that the animators behind our favorite sports comedy anime are grossly underpaid.

The true heroes behind the scenes aren’t getting paid even though the show is successful.

Designers also have a significant problem with Haikyuu Season 5, a highly anticipated anime with a lot of excitement.

Based on our discussions with industry insiders, we learned that the animators of the Haikyuu countdown are grossly underpaid and are forced to work increasingly long hours just to meet their deadlines.

If an animator draws 300 frames each month, they can only make $540 per month (300 x 1.8 = $540). There are almost 3000 frames in one episode.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the sad reality is that sketching 300 pages in a single month is really challenging.

In addition, a studio fired an animator who had made an unauthorized sexual scene. It’s possible that this is what’s delaying the production of Haikyuu Season 5.

Where to Watch Haikyu Anime Series?

Anime fans in North America may watch the shows on Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks, while those in the UK, South East Asia, and Australia can see them on Animatsu Entertainment, Medialink, and Madman Entertainment, respectively. In Japan, the anime is still broadcast on its original network, MBS.

Animax Asia is the English language channel. If a new season of Haikyuu is released, it will also be made available on the aforementioned services in the relevant regions.

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Haikyu!! Cast

What Will Happen in Haikyu Season 5?

The fifth season of Haikyuu will kick off with the National Tournament, picking up just where the fourth season left off in terms of plot. Karasuno will be facing Nekoma in the opening match of his high.

It’s possible that this time around, Hinata will face Nekoma High in the nationals. That’s going to be a huge game, like a quarterfinal between two of the best teams in the tournament.

We’ll also be paying close attention to the Kejayama-Hinata bout.

The high school volleyball team and the relationships among its members are, of course, perennial narrative points. Season 4 ended with Hinata feeling hopeless and out of control after missing a golden scoring chance and ultimately losing the game.

If he did it again, Tobie threatened to fire him. Kagayema saw Korai jump and immediately realized that something had misled Hinata.

Is Hinata going to learn how to be a nice anime boyfriend, or will he run away so the girl never has to deal with him again?

Do you have any predictions for what will happen in the fifth season of Haikyuu? Can anyone predict if Karasuno’s high or Nekoma will come out on top?

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