Has ‘Benjamin Bratt’ Wife Talisa Got Breast Cancer? Why He Shares Wife Talisa Soto’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis?


Bratt was born on December 16, 1963, in San Francisco, California. He was the third of five children to Eldy, a nurse and political activist, and Peter Bratt Sr., a sheet metal worker.  His mother was born in Lima, Peru, and she is of Quechua descent.

She moved to the United States with her family when she was 14. His father is an American with German and English ancestry. Bratt’s father’s grandfather, George, was a Broadway actor.

Private life of Bratt

Bratt started dating Julia Roberts in 1998. They declared they were no longer in a relationship in 2001.

Has 'Benjamin Bratt' Wife Talisa Got Breast Cancer?

He started dating actress and former Bond girl Talisa Soto in 2002; on April 13, they were married in San Francisco. Ten years ago, the two had connected at a casting call. They started becoming close when they were shooting Piero (2001). On December 6, 2002, their daughter Sophia Rosalinda Bratt was born; on October 3, 2005, their son Mateo Bravery Bratt was born.

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The Breast Cancer Diagnosis of Talisa Soto, the Wife of Benjamin Bratt

Although Talisa Soto and actor Benjamin Bratt are a notoriously private couple, they recently disclosed Soto’s breast cancer diagnosis in an effort to motivate women to undergo routine exams.

Has 'Benjamin Bratt' Wife Talisa Got Breast Cancer?

Bratt, 58, made the revelation on TODAY on Thursday while promoting the new HBOMax miniseries, “DMZ.” “This is something I typically would keep close-held, but through the pandemic, through self-exam and then by going to her yearly mammogram, she discovered that she was positive for breast cancer,” she said.

The former “Law & Order” star went on to say that Soto, 54, requested him to reveal the diagnosis so that other women would be reminded “how vital it is to have your screenings annually, that you have to self-advocate for yourself, and that you have to take care of yourself.” You must visit the doctor and schedule these exams as part of your usual schedule in addition to eating healthily.

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Talisa Soto, the Wife of Benjamin Bratt, Has Breast Cancer

In addition to urging viewers to schedule frequent doctor’s appointments, the 58-year-old actor made the statement while making an appearance on TODAY on Thursday, March 10.

According to Page Six, Benjamin said, “This is something I would normally keep close-held, but because of the pandemic, by self-examination, and then by going to her monthly mammography, she discovered that she was positive for breast cancer.”

Has 'Benjamin Bratt' Wife Talisa Got Breast Cancer?


Talisa expressed hope that through sharing her story, people will learn “how vital it is to get screenings annually, how important it is to self-advocate for yourself, and how important it is to take care of yourself,” Benjamin said. In addition to eating healthily, you also need to visit the doctor and schedule these checks as part of your normal schedule.

Benjamin continued by saying that although Talisa had a positive response to her therapies and was now “cancer-free,” they were still “on alert.”

Benjamin said, “She’s doing fantastic. The drug can cause some hormonal system instability, but the good news is that she has not yet been diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, we’re just keeping watch to ensure that it doesn’t return.

Two children, Sophia, 19, and Mateo, 16, were born to Benjamin and Talisa during their marriage in 2002.

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