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Is ‘Overtake’ Original Racing Anime Release Date Officially Confirmed?

Overtake Anime Release Date

The news that Overtake, a forthcoming anime, is going to be a major smash will excite fans of both formula racing and anime. The Overtake anime will enthrall and amaze fans in addition to the other fantastic things Kadokawa has produced so far this year with its exceptional story and a stellar cast.

One common type of open-wheeled single-seater motorsport is formula car racing. And Kadokawa has once more shocked anime lovers with an intriguing anime announcement that is sure to succeed and dominate as an anime based on formula car racing. It was produced in collaboration between Troyca and Kadokawa.

The new movie will be directed by Aoki Ei, who also oversaw Fate/Zero and Aldnoah. The anime’s directors have also worked on Zero, Girls Bravo, and Wandering Son. The series was created by director Ayumi Sekine, whose past works include the Technoroid Overmind and IDOLiSH7 series.

Overtake Anime Release Date

Along with the first promotional film and primary visual, the news announced the staff and core cast. There have been reports that Haruka Asahina wants to compete in Formula 1 racing.

Will he ultimately join Formula 1? What challenges will he encounter both on the race track and in life? Although the release date has not yet been established, it will most likely be available soon. So, keep checking back for additional information.

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Overtake Anime: What Is The Plot?

Based on the Formula 4 racing competition, Overtake! is a forthcoming original animation from Kadokawa and Troyca. It follows Haruka Asahina, a reserved high school student and F4 driver for Komaki Motors. One day, Haruka meets Koya Madoka, a freelance photographer who was formerly a respected photojournalist.

However, after an incident, Koya became depressed and was unable to find motivation until he met Haruka, with whom he then started working toward the latter’s goal of reaching the podium. A calm and reserved high school student named Haruka competes in Formula 4 for Komaki Motors.

He states emphatically, “I don’t need help,” and then exerts significant effort to climb onto the platform. He lives in the Komaki House and has a second job delivering newspapers. Due to a flaw in his professional demeanor, Kya, a once-respected freelance photographer, has fallen on hard times and is now trying to make ends meet.

He is fortunate to be given the chance to take pictures for a picture report. He also eventually meets Haruka, an F4 racer. As a direct result of this, he travels to the Fuji International Speedway to write.

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after experiencing a prolonged period in which he felt no emotion. He instantly experiences a wave of emotion as a result of what he has seen. As a result, he starts to support Haruka and the junior squad for “Komaki Motors” in order for Haruka to reach the success he wants.

Overtake Anime Cast

The voice of Haruka Asahina will be provided by Anan Furuya. Despite having some experience in supporting roles like Teru Nagato from Futsal Boys, this will be Furuya’s first major role as a voice actor.


The Cast for The Anime Includes:

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Overtake Anime Trailer

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