MovieBox Pro: What Is It Exactly And Is It Safe For Use?

What Is Movie Box Pro

Streaming services that need a subscription are now widely available and reasonably priced. However, peer-to-peer network files transmission techniques like torrenting and similar ones are also widely used nowadays to access legal movies and TV episodes for free. In actuality, mobile platforms are now in vogue instead of the web and computers.

Free movie programs like MovieBox Pro have therefore gained popularity. A free video streaming service called Moviebox offers free access to movies and TV episodes. It has access to more than 60000 HD movies and TV series.

It offers download capabilities so that users can watch movies offline in addition to online streaming. Movies and TV shows can be streamed using peer-to-peer technology.

Even if you have used MovieBox Pro for a long time or have not yet tried it, you will learn more about it in this post.

What Is Moviebox Pro?


Despite the fact that the MovieBox app was abruptly canceled in 2018 and there has been no official word from the makers regarding the two apps’ importance, MovieBox Pro is widely regarded as the free streaming app to replace it.

To help you comprehend both, we’ll first offer you some information on the previous app.

A BitTorrent client called Moviebox enables you to download bits of a huge file from other users’ machines online. You can view and share the finished product made from the assembled downloaded bits. a complete movie or TV show, for instance.

Due to the prohibition of similar apps, Movie box is also regarded as one of the top Showbox alternatives. Let’s now discuss Moviebox Pro. The application is not dependent on torrents, according to its official website.


The claim hasn’t been confirmed yet, partly because the developers haven’t made any corroborating statements. Over 15,000 movies and TV series with switchable audio and subtitles, 360-pixel quality, and h.265 compression are available on the Moviebox pro platform.

What Is Appealing About MovieBox Pro?

The MovieBox Pro app tempts users of mobile devices to download and use it without thinking about any potential concerns for a variety of reasons. These are the most typical explanations:

1. Free Material

Anything that is free or inexpensive may be alluring. Many of the most recent movies and TV episodes are available to MovieBox Pro customers for free, with a good resolution to begin with. Even if the premium experience is paid for, many users are still drawn to it since they know that it cannot compete with the more expensive offerings from the major platforms.

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2. Fast Downloading

What Is Movie Box Pro

To make downloading simple, MovieBox Pro uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is made up of numerous servers from different regions, each of which contributes data for quicker loading times. For instance, you may be familiar with Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, KeyCDN, and CloudFront as well as other well-known CDNs.

3. Usability

As previously indicated, platforms that provide free access to commercial content now take the shape of mobile apps rather than websites. Streaming is made more practical than before with this method. As long as MovieBox Pro is installed on a mobile device, everyone can view their favorite films or television episodes while on the road.

The app also boasts a user-friendly design with movies and TV shows grouped as tiles and ready to play with just a click. In reality, the premise is very similar to that of the expensive and well-known movie streaming services.

How to Check Your Safety With MovieBox Pro


It is always better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. This is relevant when choosing a streaming app for TV, movies, or other media for binge-watching. Here are some brief tips on how to evaluate the safety of any streaming app before we get into more detail on whether MovieBox Pro is safe or not:

1. Watch out For Red Flags

Be cautious before you click the download or subscribe buttons to find out if an app like MovieBox Pro is suitable for you. Look for warning signs or potential hazards in the way it receives its information or operates.

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2. Thoroughly Review the Terms and Conditions

Examine the terms, conditions, and privacy policies carefully because they vary depending on the app. Think twice if anything is uncertain or not confirmed. Additionally, after noticing something you disagree with, take into account looking for alternatives.

3. Verify the App Is From a Reliable Source

What Is Movie Box Pro

The only trustworthy source for mobile apps, regardless of type, is an official store. For instance, the Google Play Store and the App Store make sure apps are from reputable sources, compliant with requirements, and free of dangerous files.

Is Streaming on Moviebox free?

It is free to download and view, so there is no need to pay for a subscription. You can also stream for free. However, you can make purchases directly from your app. However, you should also provide a Premium VIP version to help your streaming version.

The following advantages are accessible if you upgrade your version to VIP.

Is VPN Required for Moviebox Pro?


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Due to the operating system of Moviebox, you must utilize a VPN to avoid having your IP tracked by governmental organizations and internet service providers. A legal issue will arise if you use the app while streaming licensed content, which is why you must install a VPN on your device.

Without cable, it is a great way to watch movies and TV episodes on Moviebox. But when you use the app, you also give up your privacy.

It is not even legal to use the software, so utilize a VPN for your privacy.